5 Questions with SCENE: Phil Mohun

5 Questions with SCENE: Phil Mohun

On the latest installment of 5 Questions with SCENE: Meet Phil Mohun, a founding member of the Bright Moments DAO—and a key architect of the art collective’s immersive, globe-spanning generative NFT art shows. 

Since the launch of its flagship CryptoCitizens collection in 2021, Bright Moments has hosted experiential NFT activations in seven cities spanning four continents: Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, London, Mexico City, Tokyo, and most recently, Buenos Aires and Patagonia.

In every city that’s played host to a CryptoCitizens gathering, Bright Moments has soon after founded a physical gallery—to serve as a regional hub for the rapidly growing on-chain art community.

Mohun was integral to the planning and execution of every Bright Moments experience. Watch below as he recounts some favorite moments from the road, including negotiating with Patagonian gauchos, falling in love with Tokyo, and gaining a newfound appreciation for shrooms chocolate bars.


Edited by Andrew Hayward

Video shot and edited by Vincent Roazzi Jr.

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