6 Predictions for Crypto in 2024: Pantera’s Paul Veradittakit

Tyler Spalding, CEO / Co-Founder, Flexa, 2Chainz and Zack Seward, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, CoinDesk


As we reach the end of 2023, we have perhaps made it through the worst of the bear market, turning over the page on the series of brutal collapses that we have seen over the past year and a half, and ready to begin exploring novel use cases. Today, we’re at an inflection point, where crypto is no longer solely about financialization, but rather a broader idea of how we redefine consumer, social, and developer experiences using blockchains. I’m very excited to see what 2024 holds for the future of our still nascent industry, as we use decentralized technologies to reimagine our digital culture.


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