Adidas and STEPN Unveil Exclusive NFT Collection to Transform Move-to-Earn Ecosystem

A digital representation of the Adidas and STEPN Genesis NFT collection, showcasing the innovative merger of athletic apparel and blockchain technology.



The STEPN project team and Adidas have announced a strategic partnership that introduces an exclusive line of NFTs, designed to revolutionize the move-to-earn industry and promote active lifestyles through digital means.

Launch of the Genesis NFT Collection

Adidas, in collaboration with blockchain innovator STEPN, is gearing up to release the “STEPN x Adidas Genesis” NFT collection. This collection, featuring 1000 unique tokens, is slated for release on April 17 at the MOOAR marketplace, marking a significant milestone in NFT innovation.

Goals of the Collaboration

This collaboration aims to seamlessly integrate digital and physical realms, providing incentives for physical activities through a connected ecosystem spanning the STEPN and Adidas apps. Shiti Manghani, CEO of STEPN, emphasized the collaboration’s potential to motivate and incentivize physical activities such as running, blending the benefits of the virtual and real worlds.

Market Impact and Token Performance

The announcement has stirred cautious optimism in the market. STEPN’s native token, GMT, has experienced a slight uptick to $0.26, though it remains significantly down from its all-time high of $4.11 in April 2022. This shows a guarded but hopeful market reaction to the new partnership and its potential impact.

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Enhancing User Engagement with FSL Points Airdrop

An innovative element of this partnership is the FSL points airdrop, which rewards users based on the longevity of their digital Genesis sneaker ownership. This initiative aims to promote long-term engagement by rewarding users at three different levels, based on the duration of ownership, thus incentivizing sustained participation in the ecosystem.


The strategic partnership between Adidas and STEPN is a landmark in the integration of sportswear with blockchain technology. It highlights the evolving landscape where fashion, fitness, and digital finance intersect, setting a new paradigm for user engagement in the move-to-earn domain.


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