aelf Leads the Fusion of AI and Blockchain to Shape the Future of Technology

Illustration of aelf's integration of AI within blockchain technology, depicting advanced and secure blockchain networks.


Singapore, 12 April 2024 — In a groundbreaking shift for the tech industry, aelf, a leading blockchain network, has embarked on a strategic journey to blend artificial intelligence (AI) with its blockchain framework. This initiative represents a significant evolution for the aelf blockchain, transitioning it into an enriched ecosystem that leverages cutting-edge AI models and agents to extend its functionalities and enhance user experiences.

The Dawn of a New Era

“The integration of computation, LLM (large language model), and agents within aelf’s blockchain transcends a mere enhancement; it signifies an evolution,” articulated Auric, the Founder of aelf. “Seven years in the making, we have been at the forefront of blockchain innovation. Today, we are setting our sights on AI as the next frontier, poised to catalyze the future of blockchain technology in Asia and beyond. This transformation towards a self-evolving system represents a leap towards a more intelligent, learning blockchain infrastructure, with each block smarter than its predecessor.”

Empowering Innovation with aelf Ventures

To foster and expedite the fusion of AI and blockchain, them Ventures, the investment arm of them, is strategically deploying its $50 million Ecosystem Fund. This fund aims to bolster AI-driven initiatives that seek to leverage blockchain technology. By rolling out developer-friendly toolkits, them is set to spark a wave of innovation, enabling the community to harness these new technologies for a range of applications, from data pre-processing and model training to on-chain deployment and monetization within the aelf blockchain ecosystem.

A Future-Ready Ecosystem

Projects and games already part of the aelf blockchain are poised to incorporate these AI advancements. Meanwhile, newcomers will benefit from aelf’s solid infrastructure, ensuring a responsive and dynamic blockchain ecosystem that boasts enhanced efficiency, robust security measures, and advanced intelligent automation.


Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Singapore, them stands as a beacon of innovation in the blockchain space. With its Layer 1 blockchain technology featuring modular systems, parallel processing, and cloud-native architecture, them has set the benchmark for scalability and flexibility. The integration of state-of-the-art AI into its ecosystem underscores aelf’s commitment to continuous innovation, keeping it at the cutting edge of blockchain technology and driving the development of Web3 and AI adoption forward.



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