AIOZ Network and Alibaba Cloud Join Forces to Boost Web3 Adoption in APAC

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AIOZ Network and Alibaba Cloud Join Forces to Boost Web3 Adoption in APAC


In a significant development, AIOZ Network and Alibaba Cloud have joined forces. This will boost the adoption of Web3 technologies across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Alibaba Cloud’s Innovation Accelerator’s main blockchain partner is AIOZ Network, known for its innovative blockchain platform. This strategic partnership involves two industry leaders.

AIOZ Network Partners with Alibaba Cloud to Enhance Web3 Infrastructure in SEA

AIOZ Network and Alibaba Cloud are collaborating to foster APAC innovation and talent. AIOZ Network will provide technology and money to projects built on its platform. It will also access Alibaba Cloud’s cutting-edge infrastructure services as part of the partnership.

The partnership aims to establish a DePIN Alliance in Southeast Asia (SEA) to improve AI, storage, and streaming infrastructure. The alliance hopes to benefit businesses and developers in the rapidly changing Web3 ecosystem with AIOZ Network’s blockchain expertise and Alibaba Cloud’s scalable cloud services.

As Web3 technologies advance in APAC, AIOZ Network and Alibaba Cloud’s partnership is significant. AIOZ Network, Alibaba Cloud’s main blockchain partner for the Innovation Accelerator program, will give developers and business owners many tools to promote growth and innovation.

AIOZ Network founder Erman Tjiputra was excited about the partnership and how it could accelerate Web3 technologies in the region. This collaboration with Alibaba Cloud represents a significant step forward. They are excited to foster and support groundbreaking innovations from the next generation of developers.

Alibaba Cloud to Empower Web3 Growth in APAC with Cutting-Edge Technology

AIOZ Network and Alibaba Cloud will support individual projects. They also organize hackathons and regional meetings to encourage Web3 community collaboration and knowledge sharing. Developers can collaborate, share ideas, and get resources for their new projects at these events.

Alibaba Cloud is the largest IaaS provider in Asia Pacific and the third largest worldwide, according to Gartner. Alibaba Cloud can help the Web3 ecosystem grow in APAC with its global network and cutting-edge technology.

This partnership between AIOZ Network and Alibaba Cloud shows how blockchain and cloud computing are becoming increasingly important for digital transformation and innovation. AIOZ Network and Alibaba Cloud want to accelerate Web3 adoption. Moreover, they create new opportunities for Asia-Pacific businesses and developers by combining their strengths and resources.


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