Auradine Secures $80 Million in Series B Funding to Revolutionize Blockchain and AI Industries

Auradine mining equipment showcasing the Blockchain Bitcoin ASIC Miners with EnergyTune technology


Auradine’s Oversubscribed Funding Round

Bitcoin mining equipment manufacturer Auradine has recently announced an impressive $80 million raise in its Series B funding round, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey to expand its footprint across the blockchain, security, and artificial intelligence industries. Initially setting a target of $70 million, the funding round was met with enthusiastic participation, leading to an oversubscription and closing at $80 million.

This round saw the inclusion of new investors such as StepStone Group, Top Tier Capital Partners, MVP Ventures, and Maverick Capital, alongside continued support from existing investors like Celesta Capital, Mayfield Fund, and Marathon Digital.

Pioneering Solutions in Blockchain and AI

Auradine’s co-founder and CEO, Rajiv Khemani, expressed gratitude and excitement over the round’s success, highlighting the company’s rapid progress from its inception to securing substantial orders in a remarkably short period. “Auradine’s journey is a testament to its compelling solutions and the team’s execution capabilities,” commented Navin Chaddha, managing partner at Mayfield Fund.

With a focus on developing the Teraflux family of Bitcoin ASIC Miners, Auradine has positioned itself at the forefront of the blockchain market. These miners are celebrated for their speed, efficiency, and the incorporation of Auradine’s proprietary EnergyTune and AutoTune technologies, aiming to harmonize with energy grid stability and demand response standards.


Expanding Global Reach and Product Innovations

The announcement also included news of Auradine’s substantial bookings, amounting to $80 million, with an order backlog exceeding $200 million as it continues to extend its global customer base. This achievement reflects the confidence customers have in Auradine’s ability to deliver innovative, energy-efficient, and secure products.

With the new influx of capital, Auradine plans to escalate production capacities and expedite investments in its product roadmaps, ensuring a future where blockchain and AI technologies can be harnessed with enhanced efficiency and security. Khemani’s statement, “With this new funding, we will ramp up production capacity and accelerate investments in our product roadmaps,” encapsulates the company’s forward-looking ethos and commitment to innovation.


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