Award-Winning Green Web3 Start-up Ecoterra Raises $3.5 Million as Investors Swoop In Ahead of 10% Price Rise

Award-Winning Green Web3 Start-up Ecoterra Raises $3.5 Million as Investors Swoop In Ahead of 10% Price Rise


Award-winning green web3 start-up ecoterra’s presale continues to fly, with sales of its native $ECOTERRA token having now surpassed $3.5 million as investors swoop in ahead of a 10% token price rise.

Ecoterra is building an all-in-one $ECOTERRA-powered web3 ecosystem, designed to encourage recycling via its first-of-its-kind Recycle-to-Earn (R2E) system, facilitate trade in recycled materials and encourage individuals and businesses to offset their carbon footprint.

And ecoterra just won an award for its contribution to the sustainable crypto ecosystem at this week’s Istanbul Blockchain summit.

Ecoterra was a prominent sponsor of the event, which featured world-famous speakers like Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor.  


With ecoterra’s presale having only crossed the $3 million mark around seven days ago, the environmentally friendly crypto start-up is raking in funds at a rate of around $500,000 per week.

So investors have no time to lose to buy their $ECOTERRA token ahead of the next 10% price rise, which will take place when the presale hits the $3.925 million and the presale enters stage seven.

When that milestone is hit, $ECOTERRA price is scheduled to rise by 10% from the current $0.00775 to $0.0085.

$ECOTERRA will then list across major cryptocurrency exchanges at $0.01 later this year.

That means investors who get in now will be sat on paper gains of around 30%.

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How High Can $ECOTERRA go?

30% paper gains that investors who get in now can secure between now and $ECOTERRA’s listing could pale in comparison to the green cryptocurrency’s longer-term upside.

When harnessed right, blockchain technology holds an unprecedented ability to promote environmentally friendly behaviors by rewarding recycling, making it easier to offset carbon emissions and tracking environmental impact utilizing the blockchain’s transparency.

And ecoterra’s all-in-one application does all three and more.

Users can utilize the platform to earn ecoterra’s native $ECOTERRA crypto token every time they recycle.

The platform features a carbon offset marketplace to make it easier for individuals and businesses to offset their carbon footprint.

Ecoterra also features a recycled materials marketplace to make it easier for businesses to purchase recycled goods using $ECOTERRA or other cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, thanks to the transparency of the blockchain, ecoterra allows individuals and businesses to track their environmentally friendly practices via an Impact Trackable Profile.

Observers predict this feature to be very popular amongst environmentally-conscious businesses, who can use Impact Trackable Profile to boost their brand image and bolster customer loyalty.

Nascent green web3 projects like ecoterra are expected to play an increasingly important role in global efforts to address climate change in the decades ahead as crypto’s broader adoptions increases.

It’s no wonder then that popular crypto presale analysts like Jacob Crypto Bury and Crypto Moonlight are predicting big potential upside for the $ECOTERRA token.

Ecoterra Aims to Incentivize Public Recycling, CEO Says

“As the worsening effects of global climate change become apparent, businesses and individuals are becoming ever more engaged in efforts to protect the environment… and recycling is a key component of these efforts” ecoterra CEO Mihai Ciutureanu explained.

“However, an overwhelming majority of people lack either the knowledge or willingness to recycle properly”, he continued.

“Ecoterra aims to not only educate the public on the necessity of recycling, but also to incentivize the public to recycle via offering financial reward via our innovative Recycle-to-earn system”.

“And ecoterra’s goals don’t end there,” Cuitureanu added. “Ecoterra is building a recycled materials marketplace that aims to connect recycling companies with purchasers of recycled materials, hence promoting a circular product life cycle”.

“Ecoterra is also building a separate marketplace where individuals and businesses can purchase verified blockchain-based carbon credits to offset their emissions, and can track all of their environmentally friendly actions within the ecoterra platform via an impact profile”.

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Major $ECOTERRA Listings Incoming?

Ecoterra’s high-profile appearance at the Istanbul Blockchain Summit provided the team with a great opportunity to spread the word about the project, all while promoting the utility of the $ECOTERRA token.

The fact that ecoterra went on to secure an award suggests that the green start-ups message was well received.

But the Istanbul summit provided the team with another great opportunity for the project – to engage in talks with major centralized cryptocurrency exchanges surrounding potential $ECOTERRA token launch partnerships.

OKX, MEXC Global and KuCoin were a few of the major cryptocurrency exchanges also featuring at the event.

According to ecoterra’s Whitepaper, $ECOTERRA will launch across major cryptocurrency exchanges in the third quarter of 2023, ahead of beta releases of the platform’s Recycle2Earn application and the Recycled Materials marketplace in Q4.

With ecoterra now having surpassed the halfway mark in its token presale – the project plans to raise a maximum of $6.7 million via $ECOTERRA sales – investors should move quickly to secure their tokens ahead of further price hikes.

Ecoterra is selling 50% of a total available supply of 2 billion $ECOTERRA tokens to the public via the presale, with 20% reserved for listings and marketing, 20% for ecosystem liquidity and 5% each for the team and corporate adoptions.

The team’s tokens are completely locked for one year and then vested for monthly release over the following three years, underscoring the team’s commitment to the project.

Ecoterra’s project is 100% secure and verified, having been audited by Certik, and the team having gone through Certik’s KYC procedures.

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