Binance Bolsters Web3 Trust Through Law Enforcement Workshop in Taiwan

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Participants at Binance's law enforcement workshop in Taiwan, aimed at combating crypto crimes for a safer Web3 ecosystem.


Binance Bolsters Web3 Trust Through Law Enforcement Workshop in Taiwan

In a strategic initiative to fortify the relationship with law enforcement for combating crypto-related crimes, Binance orchestrated a comprehensive virtual assets law enforcement workshop tailored for the Keelung District Prosecutors Office in Taiwan. This significant event, which took place on March 13, serves as a testament to Binance’s unwavering dedication to enhancing the Web3 ecosystem’s safety and creating a fortified haven for users within the digital space.

Strengthening Safety and Regulatory Compliance

The workshop underscores Binance’s commitment to adhere to stringent anti-money laundering (AML) standards, showcased by its efforts to register under the aegis of Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) and comply with the Money Laundering Control Act. This initiative, initially reported on August 11, signals Binance’s aspiration to extend its reach within the Taiwanese cryptocurrency market, ensuring alignment with the local regulatory framework.

A Continued Partnership with Taiwanese Authorities

Binance’s engagement with Taiwanese law enforcement dates back to June, marking a collaborative effort with the Criminal Investigation Bureau. This partnership was aimed at equipping over 200 officers with the necessary acumen to navigate the intricacies of digital asset-related crimes. As a part of Binance’s Global Law Enforcement Training Program, this endeavor is one among over fifty such training sessions conducted globally, emphasizing Binance’s role in fostering a knowledgeable law enforcement community adept at handling crypto crimes.

Addressing Cryptocurrency Challenges in Taiwan

The collaboration arrives amid Taiwanese authorities’ crackdown on local crypto exchange ACE, following allegations of a cryptocurrency scam. The seizure conducted in January, targeting ACE’s founder, David Pan, and his associate, Lin, underlined the persistent challenges and complexities within Taiwan’s cryptocurrency landscape. These developments have propelled the Taiwanese government to announce forthcoming legislation by September 2024, aimed at establishing a robust regulatory framework to safeguard against fraudulent activities and enhance financial market stability.

Global Regulatory Challenges and Initiatives

This workshop coincides with Binance facing operational challenges in Nigeria, where a top crypto crime investigator and a regional manager were detained, reflecting the intricate regulatory landscape global crypto exchanges navigate. Despite these hurdles, Taiwan’s proactive measures towards cryptocurrency regulation and adherence to international AML standards by the Financial Action Task Force exemplify a steadfast commitment to ensuring a secure and regulated digital asset marketplace.


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