Binance Users Pursue Cristiano Ronaldo in Lawsuit: Unconventional Methods Revealed

A courtroom scene during the class-action lawsuit hearing against Cristiano Ronaldo over Binance promotions. Users resort to unconventional methods for serving legal notices amid difficulties in traditional channels.

Background and Motion Filing

Binance users involved in a class-action lawsuit against Cristiano Ronaldo are taking unconventional steps in their pursuit of the soccer star. In a motion filed on Jan. 16, 2024, they seek alternative service methods due to difficulties in traditional channels.

Challenges in Traditional Methods

The motion acknowledges the uncertainty about Ronaldo’s current address in Saudi Arabia and cites difficulties in serving legal notices through traditional means. To address this, Binance users propose alternative channels, including email, and notably, X (formerly Twitter).

Screenshot of the motion. Source: Law360

Proposal for Alternative Service

The motion argues that the proposed alternative service complies with international agreements and ensures notice to the defendant. It involves sending case materials not only to Ronaldo’s verified Twitter accounts but also to the email addresses of his domestic counsel involved in ongoing U.S. federal litigation.

Uncertainty About Cristiano Ronaldo’s Address

Highlighting the uncertainty surrounding Ronaldo’s current address, the motion points out that the Hague Conventions don’t prohibit alternative service methods, especially when the person’s address is unknown.


Class-Action Lawsuit Background

The class-action lawsuit stems from claims that Binance clients suffered losses due to Ronaldo’s promotion of the crypto exchange. The Nov. 27, 2023 filing in a Florida district court alleges Ronaldo’s involvement in the offer and sale of unregistered securities in coordination with Binance.

SEC Guidance Violations

The lawsuit cites U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission guidance, which warns celebrities to disclose payments received for promoting cryptocurrencies. The complaint argues that Ronaldo failed to comply with this guidance. Binance had entered a multiyear partnership with Ronaldo in mid-2022 to announce a series of his nonfungible tokens, tying at least three collections to the crypto exchange.

In conclusion, the Binance users’ pursuit of Ronaldo through unconventional service methods adds a unique twist to the ongoing class-action lawsuit, raising questions about the challenges in serving legal notices to high-profile individuals and the evolving landscape of legal communication.

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