Bitfinex Securities Pioneers Tokenized Debt Offering for New Hilton Hotel in El Salvador

Illustration of HILSV token and Hilton hotel project, symbolizing Bitfinex Securities' innovative financing in El Salvador.


HILSV Tokenized Debt Offering Marks Milestone in El Salvador’s Capital Market Development

Bitfinex Securities El Salvador S.A. de C.V. is at the forefront of transforming the capital markets in El Salvador with its recent announcement. The company is launching a tokenized debt issue, dubbed HILSV, to finance the construction of a Hampton by Hilton hotel complex at El Salvador International Airport. This token will trade against the U.S. dollar and tether (USDT) and will be issued on the Liquid Network, a prominent Bitcoin sidechain.

The partnership with Inversiones Laguardia and the engagement of Ditobanx for the tokenization process underscores the innovative approach to financing. The HILSV tokenized debt aims to raise $6.25 million, offering investors a 10% coupon over five years with a minimum investment of $1,000.

This initiative not only paves the way for novel investment opportunities in the region but also contributes significantly to the local economy by funding the development of a 4,484-square-meter hotel complex. The project is anticipated to create thousands of jobs, thereby stimulating economic growth in El Salvador.

Bitfinex Securities Granted First License for Operation in El Salvador

In a landmark move, Bitfinex Securities obtained the first-ever license for operation in El Salvador under the new Digital Asset Securities Law. This achievement highlights the company’s commitment to complying with local regulations while pioneering the integration of digital assets into traditional financial markets.


The license enables Bitfinex Securities to offer its customers a variety of financial asset issuances, beginning with the HILSV tokenized debt. This development is part of El Salvador’s broader efforts to embrace cryptocurrency and digital assets, further demonstrated by granting Bitcoin legal tender status and launching initiatives to attract crypto investment into the country.

Embracing Digital Transformation in Financial Markets

The collaboration between Bitfinex Securities and El Salvador represents a significant step toward modernizing the country’s financial infrastructure. By leveraging digital asset laws and blockchain technology, El Salvador is positioning itself as a leader in the adoption of innovative financing mechanisms.

The HILSV tokenized debt offering not only facilitates the construction of key tourism infrastructure but also opens up new avenues for investment and economic development. This initiative serves as a model for how digital assets can be harnessed to drive growth and accessibility in capital markets globally.


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