BitMEX Sends BTC Wallet to the Moon

Image of BitMEX's physical Bitcoin wallet aboard the Vulcan Centaur rocket, destined for the moon.

Bitcoin’s Voyage to Outer Space: BitMEX’s Ambitious Lunar Mission

Bitcoin is on the way to the moon — literally. In a groundbreaking mission, a crypto wallet containing 1 BTC is journeying alongside astronauts aboard the lunar rocket Vulcan Centaur. This historic launch from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station marks a new era where cryptocurrency meets space exploration, with a targeted moon landing by mid-February.

BitMEX’s Innovative Leap: Bitcoin on the Moon

Crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX has taken an innovative step by arranging for a physical Bitcoin to land on the moon. Announced on May 18, 2023, this mission sees the physical BTC not just as a token but also as a functional crypto wallet containing at least 1 BTC.

Public Engagement and Space Economy

The unique aspect of this mission is the Bitcoin wallet’s public vanity address. This allows the public to contribute additional Bitcoin and witness its redemption, a process that can occur when someone is able to physically retrieve it from the moon. BitMEX states that the coin, a registered payload on the Peregrine-1 manifest, will remain on the lunar surface, awaiting collection by future space adventurers.

Peregrine-1: A Robotic Journey to the Lunar Surface

The physical coin, along with the space crew, is now in the capable hands of Astrobotic Technology’s spacecraft Peregrine-1. This spacecraft, named after one of the fastest animals on Earth, signifies the first U.S. moon landing mission since the iconic Apollo program of 1969. The anticipated landing date is February 23.


BitMEX CEO’s Vision: A Monetary System for Space

BitMEX CEO Stephan Lutz envisions this mission as more than a remarkable feat in space exploration; it’s a step towards establishing a monetary system suitable for a burgeoning space economy. Lutz refers to the Bitcoin on the moon as a “time capsule” symbolizing a major leap in human innovation and looks forward to the future of decentralized finance beyond Earth.

“To the Moon”: More Than Just a Phrase

This mission capitalizes on the popular crypto phrase “to the moon,” commonly used to describe the hopeful surge in crypto token values. BitMEX’s literal take on this phrase not only captures the imagination of traders and enthusiasts but also sets a precedent for the integration of cryptocurrency in space exploration.

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