Deceptive Trends Threaten Integrity of Crypto Markets

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Emin Gün Sirer, co-founder of Avalanche, discusses deceptive trends in layer-2 solutions.


Emin Gün Sirer, a Leading Voice in the Crypto Community, Sounds the Alarm

Emin Gün Sirer, the visionary co-founder of the Avalanche blockchain, has issued a stark warning about emerging deceptive trends within certain layer-2 (L2) solutions, which he believes are jeopardizing the integrity of the cryptocurrency markets. In a detailed exposition on X, Sirer elucidates the perils these “trash” projects present, alongside educating his audience on identifying their common pitfalls and red flags.

“Trash” L2 Projects Flood the Market

The crypto pioneer has expressed his dismay at the surge of substandard L2 projects, branding them as the next major threat to the crypto ecosystem in the wake of the notorious heist led by Sam Bankman-Fried, the former FTX founder and CEO. According to Sirer, the lax launch protocols for L2 solutions provide a fertile ground for unscrupulous entities to spawn projects devoid of any real value, thus endangering investor security.

Navigating the Red Flags

Sirer points out several indicators of potential risk within these L2 solutions. A primary concern is the misalignment between the projects’ narratives and their technological underpinnings, where grandiose marketing claims fail to match up with the actual technical delivery. This discrepancy often manifests in projects that rely on centralized sequencers without robust fraud-proof mechanisms, starkly contradicting the foundational cryptocurrency principles of decentralization and security.

Further, Sirer warns against L2 solutions that initiate token sales with the sole intent of fundraising, lacking any tangible application within the network. Such practices hint at potential investment traps. Alarmingly, instances where project founders offload their native tokens prior to a project’s launch emerge as a significant red flag.

The Low-Float Token Dilemma

Adding to the list of concerns, Sirer sheds light on the issue of low-float tokens within L2 projects, which can lead to token value inflation through manipulative practices reminiscent of those employed by Sam Bankman-Fried. He also urges investors to scrutinize the moral fiber of project founders, suggesting that personal misconduct should weigh heavily in any investment decision.

A Guiding Light for Investors

In a bid to assist investors in navigating the crowded L2 landscape, Sirer proposes a straightforward test to discern genuine and profitable ventures. He encourages investors to focus on the prevailing “blockers” in the crypto space, such as scalability and performance, which were once major issues until resolved by blockchains like Avalanche and Solana. According to Sirer, the current challenges lie in supporting multiple use cases on a single platform and bridging the gap with traditional finance.

The Expanding Ethereum Layer-2 Ecosystem

Despite the risks outlined by Sirer, the Ethereum Layer-2 ecosystem has witnessed remarkable growth, with its total value locked (TVL) surpassing $27 billion. Notably, Ethereum-based layer 2 network Arbitrum now commands a 49.17% market share among L2 networks, significantly outpacing its closest competitor, Optimism Mainnet. This expansion underscores the critical role of discernment and due diligence for investors navigating the complex and evolving crypto landscape.


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