Delay in Spot Ethereum ETF Approval May Benefit Market, Suggests Bitwise CIO Matt Hougan

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Bitwise CIO Matt Hougan discussing the future of Ethereum ETFs at the Digital Asset Conference


Bitwise CIO Suggests Strategic Delay for Spot Ethereum ETF Approval

During a recent panel discussion at the Digital Asset Conference in London, Matt Hougan, Chief Investment Officer at Bitwise, shared a perspective that diverges from the prevailing enthusiasm for the anticipated May decision by the SEC on spot Ethereum ETFs. Hougan expressed a preference for a delay, highlighting potential benefits for the market and investors.

A Controversial Stance Amid High Expectations

“I’ll take a maybe controversial view: I hope we don’t get an Ethereum ETF in May,” Hougan remarked, suggesting that a later launch could be more advantageous. His comments come at a time when the crypto community has been eagerly awaiting the SEC’s decision, hoping for a green light that could further validate the cryptocurrency market among institutional investors.

The Case for Postponement

Hougan argues that a delay until December could afford Wall Street and the realm of traditional finance more time to grapple with the complexities of cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin. This gradual acclimatization could pave the way for a more receptive market once Ethereum ETFs are introduced. “Wall Street and traditional finance just started ingesting this giant thing called Bitcoin, and they’re just getting their hands around it,” he explained.

The Bitwise CIO believes that an eight to nine-month period would be optimal for the financial industry to adjust to Bitcoin, after which it might be more open to embracing an Ethereum ETF. This approach, according to Hougan, could lead to a stronger launch and greater asset accumulation for Ethereum-based ETFs.

Navigating the Regulatory Landscape

The call for patience underscores the broader challenges and uncertainties facing cryptocurrency ETFs in the regulatory arena. As the SEC weighs its decision, the sentiments shared by Hougan reflect a strategic approach to cryptocurrency integration into mainstream finance, advocating for a measured and informed entry into the market.


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