Deutsche Bank Survey Reveals Mixed Sentiments on Bitcoin’s Future Price in 2024

Graph showing consumer expectations for Bitcoin's price according to Deutsche Bank survey


Introduction to the Deutsche Bank Survey

German investment bank Deutsche Bank has recently released the findings of a comprehensive survey, shedding light on the evolving consumer attitudes towards cryptocurrencies. The survey, which engaged over 3,600 U.S. consumers, was highlighted in a report by Reuters, revealing a mix of skepticism and acceptance.

Growing Acceptance with a Hint of Caution

The survey’s results are particularly telling of the changing perceptions towards cryptocurrencies. A significant 52% of respondents now see cryptocurrencies as an “important asset class and method of payment transactions” for the future. This marks a noticeable increase from the 40% recorded in September 2023, indicating a growing acceptance of digital currencies.

Despite this acceptance, there is a notable caution among consumers. About 30% of the respondents anticipate Bitcoin’s price to drop below the $20,000 mark by the end of 2024. This sentiment, while cautious, has seen a slight improvement from earlier in January, suggesting a gradual change in investor confidence.

The Shift in Crypto’s Perception

Interestingly, the survey indicates a diminishing belief in cryptocurrencies being a fleeting trend. Now, less than 1% of those surveyed consider crypto a passing phase. This dramatic shift underscores the increasing recognition of cryptocurrencies as a permanent fixture in the financial landscape. However, optimism for Bitcoin’s price to exceed $75,000 by year-end remains limited, with only 10% of respondents holding this view.


Anticipating the Impact of Bitcoin’s Fourth Halving

The upcoming fourth halving event for Bitcoin, an occurrence that traditionally reduces miner rewards by half, has also been a focal point of speculation regarding its potential impact on Bitcoin’s price. Historical trends have shown a price dip in the 90 days post-halving, but the current financial environment might offer a different outcome. The introduction of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is poised to inject new capital into the market, possibly altering the traditional halving price dynamics.


Deutsche Bank’s survey reflects a complex landscape of consumer sentiment towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at large. While there’s a notable trend towards acceptance and recognition of its role in the future financial system, the caution surrounding its price fluctuations remains. As the market anticipates Bitcoin’s halving event, it remains to be seen how these sentiments will evolve in the face of new developments within the crypto space.


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