DRiP X AMA Session With BeInCrypto

DRiP X AMA Session With BeInCrypto


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During our AMA session with Vibhu Norby, the CEO & Co-Founder of DRiP NFT platform, we get the most pressing answers about the future of NFT market. Introducing DRiP, Vibhu also tells us about the platform with an impressive user base of over 150,000 daily users and 400,000 collectors each month. 

Vibhu will provide valuable insights into DRiP’s mission of revolutionizing the digital content landscape, combining Web2 engagement with Web3 monetization. Discover their distinctive approach to NFT distribution, partnerships, and the future of digital collectibles. 

Additionally, find out how you can participate in their exciting airdrop on the Airdrop Arcade platform by Bybit. Without further ado, let’s dive deep into DRiP and learn exciting insights from Vibhu Norby himself!


AMA Session With Vibhu Norby of DRiP NFT platform

BIC: We’re getting ready for our AMA session! Today we have a special guest here – the CEO & Co-Founder of DRiP NFT platform.


As usual, I’ll have some questions for today’s speaker from the DRiP side. After that, he will answer the 5 most interesting questions from you (quick reminder: we collected these questions in advance!) 🔥 These 5 lucky Community members will get $20!

Vibhu, let’s start with the basics. Please introduce yourself and your project.

Vibhu Norby:

Hey! I’m Vibhu Norby (Follow me on Twitter: @vibhu) and I’m the founder of DRiP (@drip_haus).

DRiP is the #1 and fastest growing collectibles platform in crypto, with around 150,000 daily users and 400,000 collectors monthly. Why? It’s free to start and receive your first on-chain art, music, or videos. You can find us at drip.haus. Use a Phantom wallet on Solana and my code TACOTACO to sign up free.

BIC: Community, don’t miss this offer! I tried to sign up for free myself (otherwise you need to have 0.1 Solana on your wallet balance), but now I’ll use this code! Okay. What is your goal as the web3 project? What opportunities does your platform provide for collectors and creators?

Vibhu Norby:

Our goal is to fix the broken business models on the internet around content: expensive subscriptions, paywalls, and boring ads.

DRiP connects creators and fans directly through digital ownership. Collectors can give back to support creativity and score rare tradable digital goods in return. Creators build large, engaged, grateful audiences.

A collector last week donated $500 to a creator, and 12 hours later sold the collectible they received for $15,000!

BIC: But last November, the popular NFT marketplace OpenSea laid off more than 50% of its staff and one of OpenSea’s investment backers reduced shares by 90%. Many believe that the popularity of NFTs has passed and is unlikely to return… What do you think about it? What does the future hold for the NFT market?

Vibhu Norby:

DRiP is unlike anything else seen in NFTs before. We’ve distributed over 125 million collectibles in the last year.

I personally think some of the things that happened in 2021 with NFTs will never happen again. But long term, the format just makes sense. It introduces real world mechanics for digital objects. That’s never going away, it simply will change. I think DRiP is a perfect example.

BIC: In terms of diversification, how does DRiP Haus enable users to mitigate risks by allocating their assets? Does the platform offer any guidance or recommendations to optimize diversification? 

Vibhu Norby:

DRiP is a very simple product, we don’t store any assets for users. Our goal is to help you discover and support creators.

BIC: I read your X and saw a ton of retweets from artists who are active on your platform. How do you attract creators? What advantages of the platform do you think are the main reasons for choosing DRiP by artists?

Vibhu Norby:

Creators are choosing DRiP in droves at the moment. We receive many through referrals, from our collector base, from other crypto projects.

Artists choose DRiP because the product is the perfect match between Web2 and Web3 content platforms. Audience and engagement like Web2, monetization and digital ownership like Web3. It’s the platform creators have dreamed about for years.

BIC: Tell us about the selection process for assets listed on DRiP Haus. What criteria are considered to ensure the inclusion of high-quality and sustainable projects?

Vibhu Norby:

We don’t curate assets, but we do select creators. We’re always looking for something new. Ultimately though it’s not our job to find high quality content, it’s to give ways for the cream to rise to the top.

BIC: Sounds interesting! If I want to become an NFT-artist, what do I need to do? What should I pay attention to when choosing an NFT marketplace? Share your advice for future NFT-artists!

Vibhu Norby:

There are so many options on Solana and other chains to create. Best advice is to collect before you create. Get to know other artists and creators that you admire. Network and interact. Then when you’re ready, pick a platform you like and go for it.

BIC: At the end of January, you released a collection in collaboration with the famous millionaire biohacker billionaire biohacker Bryan Johnson. Tell us about this project. What reaction did this collaboration provoke from the DRiP community?

Vibhu Norby:

Haha yeah, that was pretty cool. Bryan is awesome. He collaborated with Degen Poet on a series of art made on a typewriter. It was super well received within DRiP, there were something like 120,000 or maybe 150,000 participants.

BIC: Who else are you planning collaborations with?

Vibhu Norby:

We just recently announced a partnership with Worldcoin, and many top teams building on Solana like Pyth, Wen, Parcl, SharkyFi, and many more, are coming. We launch a new protocol or dApp partnership every week.

BIC: I know that your platform provides a rewards system for collectors. How can users earn them? 

Vibhu Norby:

That’s right, users earn Droplets on our platform, which can be spent on collectibles, donations, likes, and so on. They provide mobility in our platform. You can earn them every 6 hours.

BIC: Ok, Vibhu. It will be the last question from me. Tell us about your airdrop on the Airdrop Arcade platform by Bybit. How can our community members participate in it? And what prizes can they get?

Vibhu Norby:

Yes, sure. You can visit the link here, login to Bybit, and complete the tasks. At the end of the Arcade event, we’ll airdrop you a special edition collectible made by Nani3ko, one of our popular creators. 

BIC: It’s time for the questions from our Community 😈 The first one is by… @Gamemode619:

Can you elaborate on the technology behind DRiP’s optimization process, particularly the use of Compressed NFTs powered by a Merkle Tree structure? How does this technology reduce costs and enhance efficiency for NFT creation and storage?

Vibhu Norby:

Yes, absolutely. DRiP is powered by state compression, a novel model for efficiently storing data on-chain. It allows us to send around a million NFTs for $1000 or so. Compared to most chains, it’s several orders of magnitude cheaper.

You can learn more in this video from earlier this week made with the Solana Foundation on how DRiP is only possible on Solana:

BIC: The next one is by @BonitaLozano:

In what ways does DRiP contribute to the broader adoption of NFTs and blockchain technology? How does it aim to make NFT ownership and engagement more accessible to a wider audience?

Vibhu Norby:

DRiP stands apart from most platforms through its extreme accessibility. You can get started with no tokens, and acquire collectibles absolutely free -currently up to 30 per day. The heart of our product is making NFTs accessible. Changing the language, the design paradigms, and the economic model.

BIC: @AppleChichi is asking:

Could you share any success stories or notable milestones achieved by DRiP since its inception? How has the platform positively impacted its users and the NFT community as a whole?

Vibhu Norby:

DRiP is a force of nature. We’ve distributed more NFTs than on-chain project in history, feature collections like Degen Poet Season 1 which is the most traded collection of all time on any blockchain, and our creators reach new milestones in terms of sales and secondary activity every week. DRiP is the future of NFTs.

BIC: @Wynona_Bernard:

Visiting your website, I noticed that it has a lot of NFT content and that made my PC slow down, the DRIP project will have a mobile application for Android systems and IOs, to enjoy easy access to its platform, or is it only possible access from a PC?

Vibhu Norby:

Mobile app is coming soon for Android and iOS – stay tuned for early access. It also works quite well in Phantom mobile on all devices

BIC: The last question! @Nathaniel_In: 

Can you give me the best 3 features to convince me and other investors to invest in your project in the long term?

Vibhu Norby:

There’s no investment required to participate in DRiP. The goal of DRiP is building a better content experience for creators and users than exists in Web2.

There’s no token or TGE planned for DRiP. If you like the content and gives you joy and makes you feel inspired, it’s perfect for you. If you’re looking for a place to allocate financial resources, there are probably better places today in crypto.


Our AMA session with Vibhu Norby of the DRiP NFT platform has come to a close. Today, we’ve discovered the immense potential of DRiP as a revolutionary force in the field of digital collectibles and NFTs.

DRiP is set to transform content creation and consumption in the Web3 era with its user-friendly approach and cutting-edge technology. For artists, creators, and collectors alike, DRiP offers a vibrant community and a platform where digital ownership and creativity thrive.

Make sure to make the most of the exclusive deals and the opportunity to join the Bybit Airdrop Arcade. Keep an eye out for future updates and exciting advancements from DRiP, as they continue to transform the digital collectibles industry.

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