Error in FDUSD Circulating Supply Report Triggers Concerns on Binance Launchpool

Binance trading platform displaying corrected FDUSD stablecoin circulating supply figures.


Overview of the Incident

In a startling disclosure, Binance’s OMNI Launchpool appeared to show FDUSD stablecoin deposits that greatly exceeded the currency’s known circulation totals. An initial figure displayed deposits amounting to $6.37 billion in FDUSD, which was particularly alarming given that the stablecoin’s market capitalization hovers just under $4 billion.

Details on the Discrepancy

The situation raised eyebrows across the cryptocurrency community. FDUSD is a popular stablecoin jointly minted on the Ethereum blockchain and the Binance Smart Chain. According to latest updates from CoinGecko, it should only have a circulating supply of $3.8 billion and $180 million on these respective platforms. The erroneously high number reported by Binance suggested an excess of approximately $2.4 billion FDUSD in circulation, triggering a wave of speculation regarding the stablecoin’s backing and the transparency of OMNI Launchpool’s operations.

Binance’s Response

After the discrepancy came to light, Binance acted swiftly to address the issue. They clarified that the anomalous figures were the result of a display error and confirmed that the actual amount of FDUSD deposited in the Launchpool was $3.18 billion. This quick correction helped stabilize the situation but not before the stablecoin experienced a temporary depegging, falling to 98 cents before returning to its pegged rate of $1.

Market Reaction and Recovery

The news of the error caused a brief but notable fluctuation in FDUSD’s value, reflecting the sensitivity of the crypto markets to such discrepancies. Additionally, the recent integration of First Digital into the Sui blockchain as its first native stablecoin further complicated market dynamics, although it also marked a significant step forward for blockchain interoperability and stability.



This incident at Binance Launchpool has highlighted the challenges and the importance of maintaining rigorous checks on digital asset reporting. The crypto community continues to monitor these developments closely, with a keen eye on ensuring transparency and integrity in the burgeoning field of digital finance.


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