Ethena’s USDe May Follow UST’s Fate in 2024

Illustration of Ethena's USDe and UST stablecoin comparison, emphasizing the potential risks involved.


Cryptocurrency Expert Warns: Ethena’s USDe May Follow UST’s Fate

In a thought-provoking post shared on X on April 3, renowned developer Andre Cronje issued a stark warning about the future of Ethena’s new stablecoin, USDe (USDe), drawing unsettling comparisons to the catastrophic failure of the Terra (UST) stablecoin.

Cronje’s Analysis: A Cautionary Tale

Cronje’s detailed analysis sheds light on the inherent vulnerabilities associated with perpetual contracts—a derivative product crucial to USDe’s mechanism. By allowing traders to speculate on price movements without the need for actual asset possession, these contracts rely heavily on volatile income-generating assets like staked Ethereum (stETH) for collateral. This dependence, Cronje argues, mirrors the flawed structures that precipitated Terra’s downfall, signaling potential doom for Ethena’s USDe without clear, transparent risk mitigation strategies.

The Echoes of UST’s Downfall

By drawing parallels with UST, Cronje emphasizes the critical need for sustainability in complex financial products, especially those entangled in the crypto ecosystem’s unpredictable nature. His concerns resonate with a broader audience, questioning the viability of innovations that lack solid foundations in risk management.

Ethena’s Bold Moves: ENA Launch and Airdrop

Amid these warnings, Ethena Labs proceeded with the launch of its governance token, ENA, and the expansion of USDe, alongside an ambitious airdrop of 750 million ENA. This move aims to incentivize participation in the Shard Campaign, promising free tokens to users based on the accumulation of ‘shards’ or points. This strategy not only seeks to bolster Ethena’s position in the cryptocurrency market but also to foster a more engaged and active community around its offerings.


A Forewarning or A Mere Speculation?

As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, Cronje’s warnings serve as a critical reminder of the tumultuous nature of digital finance. Whether USDe will indeed follow in UST’s ill-fated footsteps remains to be seen, but the dialogue initiated by Cronje’s insights underscores the importance of vigilance and due diligence in the rapidly changing world of cryptocurrency.


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