Ethereum Startup Aligned Layer Clinches $2.6 Million in Seed Funding

Aligned Layer's team jubilant after securing $2.6 million in venture capital to advance Ethereum blockchain technology



Aligned Layer, heralded as the “universal verification layer for Ethereum,” announced on April 14, 2024, that it successfully raised $2.6 million in a robust seed funding round.

The Funding Drive

Lemniscap, with a rich seven-year history in the cryptocurrency and blockchain arena, spearheaded this investment. The firm is known for its proactive support of burgeoning companies in the sector, including a recent $2.4-million investment in the web3 startup Safary.

This round also saw contributions from Bankless Ventures, Paper Ventures, StarkWare, O(1)Labs, and Ingonyama under the leadership of CEO Omer Shlomovits, solidifying a strong backing for Aligned Layer’s ambitious projects.

Aligned Layer: Pioneering Blockchain Verification

Aligned Layer stands out as the inaugural decentralized ZK Proof verification layer for Ethereum, powered innovatively by Eigen Layer. This restaking mechanism is crucial as it allows ETH stakers to reallocate their staked ETH and Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs), thereby bolstering security across various protocols.


Funding Utilization Strategy

Goals and Growth

The capital influx will primarily facilitate operational expansion and significantly speed up the deployment of Aligned Layer’s mainnet, scheduled for launch in Q2 2024. The startup is set on transforming the infrastructure landscape by making it more economical and efficient for developers, particularly those crafting L2, or layer-2 networks.

Team Insights

Roberto José Catalán, a co-founder at Aligned Layer, expressed, “This funding not only reflects our team’s unified vision but also strengthens our resolve to position Ethereum at the forefront of cost-effective and high-speed ZK verification using our proprietary Eigen Layer.”

Industry Enthusiasts and Ethereum Angel Investors

The seed round also featured a notable group of angel investors, including technological and blockchain experts such as Sreeram Kannan, Brandon Kase, and others, who are keen on supporting advanced solutions in blockchain technology.

Broader Market Trends

Last week’s venture capital movements saw significant investments across the crypto ecosystem. Monad Labs, for example, bagged $225 million, demonstrating a healthy appetite for innovative blockchain technologies. However, not all sectors fared well; blockchain-based gaming ventures observed a downward trend in funding, signaling shifting investor priorities.


Aligned Layer’s successful seed funding round marks a pivotal development in its journey towards revolutionizing Ethereum-based verifications. With robust financial and industry backing, the company is well-positioned to accelerate its growth and achieve its ambitious goals, eagerly anticipated by the global crypto community.


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