GAMEE, Animoca-Backed Blockchain Gaming Project, Hit by $15M Token Exploit

Illustration depicting a security breach in the GAMEE blockchain gaming project, with tokens being compromised.

Security Breach Unveiled

Blockchain gaming project GAMEE suffered a major setback as it fell victim to a $15M token exploit on the Polygon network. The unauthorized access to the GMEE token contracts resulted in the loss of 600 million tokens.

The Stolen Tokens and Their Impact

The team suspects that the Polygon GMEE deployer address was hacked through unauthorized GitLab access. The stolen tokens were quickly converted into ether and MATIC, affecting the token’s price on various decentralized exchanges.

Immediate Response and Safeguard Measures

GAMEE responded promptly by securing the token contract ownerships linked to the breached deployer address. They transferred these ownerships to a new address to ensure the safety of the assets. As a precaution, the project temporarily stopped providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges.

Market Impact and Exchange Notifications

The perpetrator traded the compromised tokens on multiple decentralized exchanges, causing fluctuations in their prices. GAMEE informed centralized exchanges with GMEE markets to halt deposits and freeze tokens associated with the exploit. Users are advised against interacting with GMEE until further notice.


GAMEE’s Blockchain Mission

Despite this setback, GAMEE, backed by Animoca Brands, remains committed to its mission. The blockchain gaming project aims to generate and deploy gaming tokens through smart contracts on various platforms like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche. It strives to create a more equitable and transparent dynamic between players and game developers.

Challenges in Blockchain Gaming Security

The security of blockchain projects has been a topic of debate, with recent incidents like the Ronin Network breach and the Wormhole bridge exploit highlighting vulnerabilities. Despite these challenges, industry projections suggest that the blockchain gaming market could exceed $600 billion by 2030, indicating sustained growth and interest in the sector.

Transparency and Future Plans

In a bid to maintain transparency, the GAMEE team assured the community that the exploit only impacted proprietary team token reserves, with no compromise of community-owned assets. The project plans to release a comprehensive update within 48 hours, outlining the steps taken to address the security breach and prevent future occurrences. This commitment to open communication reflects GAMEE’s dedication to maintaining trust within its community and the broader blockchain gaming ecosystem. As the industry navigates through these challenges, the incident underscores the importance of robust security measures and continuous efforts to fortify the integrity of blockchain-based projects.

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