Google Play Store Blocks Binance in India Following FIU Notice

Illustration of the Google Play Store logo and Binance app icon representing the app's removal in India.


Google’s Play Store in India has recently taken a significant step by blocking the Binance crypto exchange app. This decision comes after the Indian government’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) issued a noncompliance notice against the app.

Government Notice and Compliance

On December 28, 2023, the Indian Ministry of Finance’s FIU sent a notice to several major crypto exchanges, including Binance, for operating without proper registration. The FIU emphasized the need for these exchanges to register as “reporting entities” and adhere to the country’s income tax guidelines.

Apple’s App Store Decision

Earlier, in December 2023, Apple’s App Store in India made a similar move by removing the Binance app, indicating a growing concern among tech giants regarding compliance with local financial regulations.

Impact on Binance and Users

Despite the Play Store’s action, Binance’s website and application continue to operate for existing users. Binance South Asia confirmed the app’s blockage in India on X (formerly Twitter) and reassured users about the safety of their accounts and funds.


User Reaction and Adaptation

The response from the Indian crypto community has been mixed. While some users express concerns about accessing their accounts and the future of crypto trading in India, others have sought alternative ways to access Binance, such as through direct website access or VPN services.

Context: India’s Crypto Taxation Laws

This development is part of a broader reaction to India’s stringent crypto taxation laws. Since the implementation of a 30% tax on crypto holdings and a 1% tax deduction at source on each trade, there has been a notable shift in user behavior, with many turning to foreign exchanges to circumvent these taxes.

Legislative Background

The Indian Finance Bill 2022, passed in March 2022, brought about major changes in the crypto taxation framework in India. The bill established a 30% tax on cryptocurrency holdings and transfers, significantly impacting the crypto market. Moreover, it eliminated the possibility for traders to offset losses against gains, and mandated separate tax calculations for each trading pair.

Global Implications

The Indian government’s stance on cryptocurrency regulation is being closely observed by international markets and regulatory bodies. India’s approach could influence global regulatory trends, particularly in countries grappling with similar challenges in the crypto sector.


Google Play Store’s decision to block the Binance app in India marks a pivotal moment in the country’s approach to regulating cryptocurrency. While the app’s removal from the Play Store poses challenges for new users, existing users can still access Binance through its website. This move underscores the ongoing tension between crypto exchanges and regulatory authorities in India, highlighting the complexities of navigating the evolving landscape of digital finance.

Further Developments

As the situation evolves, the crypto community in India and globally will be watching closely to see how these regulatory challenges are navigated and what implications they will have for the future of cryptocurrency in India.

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