Grand Base DeFi Platform on Base Network Hit by $2M Hack

Digital illustration of a broken digital wallet representing the Grand Base hack on the Base Network


Overview of the Breach

Grand Base, a Real World Asset (RWA) tokenization platform operating on the layer 2 Base network, has become the latest victim of a cryptocurrency hack. The breach led to a significant loss of nearly $2 million and had an immediate and drastic effect on the platform’s market stability.

How the Hack Occurred

According to the web3 security firm, Cyvers, the incident was traced back to a compromised deployer wallet within the Grand Base infrastructure. The attackers were able to gain unauthorized access to mint the platform’s native token, GB, which they then converted to Ethereum (ETH) through a series of transactions.

The Immediate Aftermath

Following the unauthorized minting and subsequent sale of the GB tokens, the price of Grand Base’s native token plummeted by nearly 99%. This drastic drop has highlighted inherent vulnerabilities within the DeFi sector, particularly concerning security measures and token stability.

Industry Reaction and Analysis

Cyvers, through their detailed investigation, noted that this type of security breach is uncommon on the Base network, making the Grand Base incident particularly alarming. Deddy Lavid, CEO of Cyvers, remarked:


“With a $2M loss in unauthorized transactions, today’s breach at Grand Base starkly illustrates the vulnerability of Defi ecosystems. The compromised deployer’s wallet losing access control raises concerns, emphasizing the urgency for heightened security protocols and vigilant monitoring to safeguard against such devastating losses in the future.”

Response and Remedial Actions

In response to the breach, Grand Base confirmed the incident on various social media platforms and announced that they have identified the hacker’s wallets. The team is currently collaborating with centralized exchanges (CEXs) to potentially freeze the stolen funds and prevent further damage.

Broader Implications

The Grand Base incident is part of a larger trend in the cryptocurrency world, which saw over $2 billion lost to various hacks last year alone. The ongoing issues of security breaches have been underscored by a recent spike in cyberattacks within the industry, where nearly $50 million was stolen in January of this year alone.

The Grand Base hack serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with DeFi platforms and the need for continuous advancements in cybersecurity to protect investors and the integrity of the digital economy.


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