Hacker Generates 1 Billion CGT Tokens in Curio DeFi Ecosystem

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Visualization of a hacker exploiting the Curio DeFi ecosystem, leading to the illegal minting of 1 billion CGT tokens.


In a stunning security breach that has sent shockwaves through the decentralized finance (DeFi) community, the Curio ecosystem has become the latest victim of a sophisticated hacking attack. Experts from Cyvers Alerts have revealed that an attacker was able to exploit a vulnerability in the system, resulting in the unauthorized creation of 1 billion Curio Governance Tokens (CGT), with an estimated value nearing $40 million.

The Attack on Curio DeFi

According to detailed analysis by Cyvers Alerts, the breach likely stemmed from a flaw in the permissioned access logic of the Curio ecosystem’s smart contracts. This loophole enabled the hacker to mint an astronomical amount of CGT tokens, seizing assets that have rocked the foundations of the Curio community and its stakeholders.

This alarming development follows a prior warning from Curio about potential vulnerabilities within their smart contract framework. The exploited contracts, based on MakerDAO’s design and implemented on the Ethereum blockchain, have highlighted a critical oversight in the security measures of DeFi protocols.

“The unfortunate exploitation of MakerDAO-based smart contracts on the Ethereum side of our ecosystem has prompted an immediate and thorough response. We are in the process of mitigating the damage and will continue to update our community. We are relieved to confirm that all contracts on the Polkadot side and within the Curio Chain remain uncompromised,” stated the Curio Ecosystem team.

Broader Impact on the Crypto Sector

The incident with Curio adds to a worrying trend of increasing attacks within the DeFi sector. February saw a significant reduction in the total value lost to hacks and scams in the crypto industry, dropping to around $67 million from January’s figures. Despite this decrease, the vulnerability of DeFi platforms remains a grave concern, with notable losses stemming from exploits of gaming platforms and decentralized exchanges.

Among the most significant incidents were the $32.35 million theft from the gaming platform PlayDapp and the $26.1 million loss at the decentralized exchange FixedFloat. Additionally, the cryptocurrency casino Duelbits faced a $4.6 million shortfall due to a breach involving a compromised private key.

This latest attack on the Curio ecosystem underscores the persistent risks and challenges faced by the DeFi sector. It highlights the imperative for ongoing vigilance, advanced security protocols, and swift action to address vulnerabilities. As the community and stakeholders reel from the impact of this significant breach, the focus intensifies on reinforcing the security measures that protect the burgeoning world of decentralized finance.


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