Hong Kong Crypto Exchange Secures Bermuda License for Worldwide Expansion

Global launch of HashKey Global with Bermuda license, signifying a new chapter in cryptocurrency exchange.


HashKey’s Strategic Move to Global Markets: Securing a Bermuda License

In a significant stride towards global expansion, HashKey, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong, has announced its newest venture, HashKey Global. This initiative marks the exchange’s ambition to cater to a worldwide audience, particularly targeting qualified retail investors who are seeking diversified investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency domain. With a strategic license obtained from Bermuda, HashKey Global is poised to offer access to over 20 currencies, highlighting the exchange’s commitment to broadening its reach and services beyond its established Asian markets.

A Closer Look at HashKey Global’s Offering

Under the leadership of Livio Weng, the Chief Operating Officer of HashKey Group, HashKey Global aims to leverage Bermuda’s robust digital asset investor protection system. This system ensures that investors engage in a secure and regulated environment, which is crucial for fostering trust and stability in the volatile cryptocurrency market. Initially, HashKey Global will focus on providing access to a select portfolio of over 20 currencies, with an exclusive offer for qualified retail investors. This strategic move not only broadens the spectrum of investment opportunities but also aligns with the company’s vision to innovate and lead in the digital asset management space.

Future-Proofing with Innovation and Expansion

HashKey’s ambition doesn’t stop at offering a wide range of currencies. The company has set its sights on introducing futures, staking, and a variety of other financial products within the next quarter. Such expansions are indicative of HashKey’s commitment to not only keeping pace with the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market but also setting new benchmarks for innovation and service excellence. Furthermore, Weng disclosed that HashKey’s current asset management scale exceeds HK$2 billion (approximately $255 million), with projections indicating a potential quadrupling to HK$8 billion by the end of 2024.

Commitment to Hong Kong and Plans for Growth

Despite its global aspirations, HashKey maintains a deep-rooted commitment to its Hong Kong base. The strategic focus on the Asia-Pacific region over the next five years underscores the company’s dedication to leveraging local strengths while expanding its footprint globally. To support these ambitious development efforts, HashKey is actively seeking additional funding, aiming to surpass the $100 million raised in its previous Series A financing round. This pursuit of financial backing not only demonstrates the company’s growth trajectory but also reflects investor confidence in HashKey’s vision and strategy for the future.


A New Chapter in Cryptocurrency Exchange

HashKey’s move to secure a Bermuda license for its new venture, HashKey Global, represents a pivotal moment in the company’s history. By expanding its offerings to qualified retail investors globally and committing to introducing innovative financial products, HashKey is set to redefine the landscape of cryptocurrency exchanges. This strategic expansion not only reinforces HashKey’s position as a leader in the digital asset management sector but also signifies its readiness to embrace the future of cryptocurrency investment on a global scale.


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