Hong Kong ETFs Expected to Approve by Mid-2024

Gary Tiu, OSL Executive Director, shares insights on the potential launch of spot crypto Hong Kong ETFs by mid-2024.

OSL’s Communication with Fund Companies

Gary Tiu, the executive director and head of regulatory affairs at OSL, shares insights into ongoing discussions with multiple fund companies regarding the launch of spot crypto ETFs.

Potential Rollout by Mid-2024

Tiu hints at a potential rollout of Hong Kong’s inaugural spot crypto Hong Kong ETFs by mid-2024, with some firms making faster progress than others. The significance of reasonable collaboration fees is emphasized.

Benefits of Spot Crypto for Hong Kong ETFs

Tiu outlines the various benefits of introducing spot crypto ETFs, including promoting orderly markets, investor protection measures, and facilitating integration between regulated digital asset platforms and traditional financial institutions.

HashKey’s Exploration and Plans

Details on HashKey’s discussions with asset managers exploring the launch of spot crypto Hong Kong ETFs, with Livio Weng, the COO of HashKey, revealing insights on the exploration by ten fund companies.


Venture Smart Financial Holdings’ Spot Bitcoin ETF Plans

A separate development involving Venture Smart Financial Holdings Ltd, a Hong Kong-based financial services firm, planning a potential launch of a spot bitcoin ETF within the first quarter of 2024.

Source: Discover Hong Kong

Regulatory Reviews and Existing Policies

Insights into Hong Kong’s active preparation for spot crypto Hong Kong ETFs, including the regulatory reviews by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), and the outlined requirements for these ETFs.

Hong Kong’s Current Crypto ETF Landscape

An overview of the existing crypto ETFs in Hong Kong, focusing on futures-based options like the Samsung Bitcoin Futures Active ETF, CSOP Bitcoin Futures ETF, and CSOP Ether Futures ETF.

The Bitcoin Conference in Hong Kong

A mention of Hong Kong hosting The Bitcoin Conference in the current year, as announced by local lawmaker Johnny Ng, with a call to swiftly follow the U.S.’s approval of spot Bitcoin Hong Kong ETFs to position the city as a cryptocurrency leader.

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