How Asia Drives the Next Crypto Bull Market

Tyler Spalding, CEO / Co-Founder, Flexa, 2Chainz and Zack Seward, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, CoinDesk


The enthusiasm for crypto in Asia is hard to miss. A stark contrast was visible between less vibrant fall conferences in the States and the buzzing scenes at Korea Blockchain Week and Token2049 in Singapore. Cities like Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Manila, and Kuala Lumpur, not to mention a handful of large Indian cities, are home to substantial developer communities and flourishing Web3 scenes, bolstered by government support and enterprise adoption. The thriving environment at Token2049, in Singapore, the real capital being deployed by APAC investors into crypto projects, and the increasing appetite for NFTs collectively suggest a region primed to drive the next bull market.


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