How to “use money to make money” in 2024? Simpleminers are for everyone (not just the rich)

A visual representation of the Simpleminers platform showcasing Bitcoin mining technology and the opportunity for users to invest and earn through cryptocurrency.


There are many ways to make money, but making money with money is the most efficient way.

Finance is an industry that uses money to make money. However, finance and bubbles are like twin brothers. Where there are financial products, there are bubbles. In the eyes of ordinary people, bubbles are risks, so ordinary people always feel that finance is far away from them. For financial players, bubbles are opportunities. They will swim in the bubble and make huge profits from it.

If you let people who are good at making money from bubbles work for you. Don’t you also have the ability to “use money to make money”? Simpleminers’ innovative business has made “making money with money” accessible to everyone (not just the rich). As long as you are willing, Simpleminers can help you start your journey of “making money with money” for just $100.

Who are the Simpleminers?

Simpleminers is the world’s top Bitcoin miner. It was established in June 2019 and is headquartered in London, England. It has more than 1.5 million members worldwide. Since its inception, the company has been focusing on Bitcoin mining business. At present, the company not only has the world’s most advanced Bitcoin mining technology, but also deployed the world’s largest computing power facilities.


How does Simpleminers ensure returns for participants?

Simpleminers has received nearly 3 billion US dollars in investment funds from more than 1.5 million people around the world through innovative computing power contracts. These funds have been used by Simpleminers to deploy Bitcoin computing power and Bitcoin mining technology, thus creating Simpleminers’ largest Bitcoin computing power system in the world. Statistics show that Simpleminers currently contribute approximately 3.5% of the global hash rate.

Based on the current efficiency of generating 6.5 Bitcoins every 10 minutes in the Bitcoin world, Simpleminers can obtain 0.2275 Bitcoins every ten minutes, which is approximately US$16,607.5 in cash at US$73,000 per coin. 2,391,480 US dollars in 24 hours, this is the astonishing rate at which Simpleminers makes money every day. This is the guarantee of participant rate of return.

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How much does it cost to have Simpleminers help you make money?

1. You can make money by registering. Because you get $10 when you sign up, and you can also get 3% daily interest income when you sign in every day.

2. Earn more by purchasing contracts. Simpleminers has launched a variety of computing power contracts with daily interest rates as high as 3%.

For example, the following contract pays daily interest:

Contract computing powerContract cyclecontract pricedaily interest rateTotal earnings to maturityAntminer L7 9.05GH/S2day$1003%$100+$6=$106Antminer S17 Pro 73TH/S3day$3001.15%$300+$10.35=310.35Antminer S17+ 76TH/S7day$5001.2%$500+$42=$542AvalonMiner A1246 85TH/S15day$10001.3% $1000+$195=$1195

(The computing power value of the contract is different, the investment amount and period are different, and the income is also different. For more contracts, please log in to the Simpleminers official website to view)

Investment case: With an investment amount of $10,000, you can purchase a contract of Whatminer M30S+ 100TH/S worth $10,000 with a 50-day cycle. The contract’s daily interest rate is 1.65%.

After purchase, the amount of passive income you can earn every day = $10000*1.65%=$165.

After 50 days, your principal and income = $10000+$165*50=$10000+$8250=$18250

3.Recharge and get cash back. Recharge $3,000 and get $30 cash back; recharge $10,000 and get $200 cash back. The more you recharge, the more cashback you get.

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Want to earn more?

Simpleminers has another way to make money: the affiliate program.

Invite your friends to make money at Simpleminers and you can get a cash reward of 3% of their investment;

If your friends invite their friends to invest again, you can also get a cash reward of 1% of their investment amount.

For example, if you invite some friends to make money on Simpleminers and they invest $300,000, you will receive a cash reward of $9,000. If your friend invites some more people and they invest $100,000, you will also receive a $1,000 cash reward.

Warm reminder: Investment is risky, so be cautious when entering the market. Simpleminers’ innovative business has been imitated by some companies since its launch, and has even been used to create scams. Participants are advised to be cautious in identifying them. If you want to participate in our money-making business, please operate through our official website or download our mobile APP, download address: Google Play or Apple Store.


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