HSBC Pioneers with Launch of Tokenized Gold Investment Product

A representation of HSBC's tokenized gold investment product, symbolizing the integration of blockchain technology and physical gold assets.


Banking behemoth HSBC has set a new industry standard by becoming the first financial institution to issue a blockchain-based real-world asset through its innovative tokenized gold investment product. This pioneering move not only positions HSBC at the forefront of digital asset integration but also signifies a major advancement in the accessibility of blockchain technology for retail investors.

A New Era Tokenized for Retail Investors

Targeted at the retail investor market in Hong Kong, the HSBC Gold Token made its debut on March 28. Available exclusively to HSBC customers, this novel investment product can be accessed via the bank’s online banking platform as well as its mobile application. This launch represents HSBC’s foray into the realm of retail digital asset offerings, spurred by the Chinese regulator’s encouragement for the public adoption of digital assets.

The tokens, true to their name, are backed by physical gold, offering a tangible asset behind the digital investment. Ownership of these tokens is validated on HSBC’s proprietary private blockchain, Orion, which also serves as the platform for minting the tokens.

Orion: The Backbone of HSBC’s Digital Asset Strategy

Orion, introduced by HSBC in 2022, is a bond tokenization platform built on distributed ledger technology (DLT). The platform aims to revolutionize bond issuance and trading by improving efficiency, enhancing security, and offering greater flexibility.


Maggie Ng, General Manager and Head of Wealth and Personal Banking for HSBC Hong Kong, highlighted the launch as a response to growing customer demand for digital assets and the familiar investment terrain of gold. “We are proud that HSBC Gold Token, powered by HSBC Orion, is the first retail product in Hong Kong to utilize DLT, authorized by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC),” Ng stated.

Regulatory Endorsement and Future Outlook

The introduction of HSBC’s tokenized gold product follows closely on the heels of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission’s (SFC) recent directives. These directives called for the issuance of tokenized SFC-authorized investment products, aiming to reduce operational costs and enhance both efficiency and transparency in the sector.

HSBC’s move into tokenized gold, in collaboration with crypto custody specialist Metaco, is part of the bank’s broader digital asset custody strategy. This strategic initiative aligns with the SFC‘s vision for tokenized products and sets a precedent for other banks and traditional institutions eyeing the asset tokenization sector.

The tokenized gold product launch by HSBC marks a significant milestone in the integration of blockchain technology into mainstream financial services, offering retail investors an innovative way to invest in gold. As the world moves closer to embracing digital assets, HSBC’s pioneering initiative paves the way for the future of investment in tokenized real-world assets.


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