Human Rights Foundation Launches $500K Fund for Bitcoin Development Worldwide

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Illustration of the Human Rights Foundation's Bitcoin Development Fund benefiting projects worldwide


Human Rights Foundation announces $500k Bitcoin development fund

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has unveiled a new initiative under its Bitcoin Development Fund, committing $500,000 to support 14 innovative projects around the globe. This investment aims to harness the power of Bitcoin to foster global education, enhance the Lightning Network, promote decentralized communications, and improve access to financial tools for nonprofits and human rights organizations.

Empowering Global Regions through Bitcoin

The funding initiative is particularly focused on Latin America, Asia, and Africa, targeting regions that are navigating socio-political challenges. Projects such as USD E-Cash for Bitcoin, BTCPay Server, and the BOB Builders Residency Program are among the recipients, each contributing uniquely to the development of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Innovative Solutions for Economic Empowerment

USD E-Cash for Bitcoin is pioneering a USD-based Chaumian e-cash system, offering a privacy-centric alternative to conventional stablecoins with seamless Lightning Network integration. BTCPay Server provides a self-hosted payment gateway, enabling merchants to securely process international transactions amidst complex economic conditions.

The BOB Builders Residency Program, located in Thailand, focuses on strengthening Bitcoin’s foundation by supporting the development of Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS). Additionally, projects like and the Bitcoin Innovation Hub in Uganda are dedicated to spreading Bitcoin knowledge and encouraging financial empowerment within their communities.

Supporting Decentralization and Innovation

Further beneficiaries include Bitcoin DADA, the Bitcoin Design Foundation, and Bitcoin Op-Tech, which prioritize empowering underrepresented groups, refining user experiences, and driving technical advancements in the Bitcoin ecosystem, respectively.

Damus Android, another notable recipient, aims to facilitate uncensored communication in repressive regimes, while LNbits is developing solutions for multi-user Lightning Network accounts. The fund also supports the Bitcoin Policy Summit 2024, designed to influence the conversation around Bitcoin in liberal democracies.

Expanding Bitcoin’s Reach

Projects like Bitcoin for Billions and Scalar School underscore the effort to spread Bitcoin adoption and education in places like India and Brazil, showcasing the broad impact of the Human Rights Foundation’s investment in the future of finance and freedom through Bitcoin.


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