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Jasmy Coin: An Introduction

A crucial characteristic of blockchain technology is how it permits people to have control over their individual information. On the other hand, in the epoch of Web 2.0, several data leaks took place where the personal information of people was targeted by hacking parties. Hence, a specific proportion of the crypto space is concerned with assisting people to have their information in their control.

Another proportion of the technology focuses on the latest internet which is called the Internet of Things (IoT). According to this idea, regular items such as heating systems, cars, clothing, and fridges can be placed online to offer enhanced connectivity as well as provide convenience. Just like the rest of the entities operating within the blockchain industry, Jasmy is known as a blockchain company.

The platform is devoted to offering data sharing and security services in the IoT epoch. The team at the back of the project as well as its blockchain is additionally determined to shield the consumer data as well as develop a decentralized metaverse world. The entirety of the respective characteristics is focused on increasing the data value sharing.

As per Bloomberg Industry Research Institute, the size of the Metaverse market will witness a huge increase of up to $800B in the upcoming couple of years. With such great development and growth, Jasmy is getting ready to assist the metaverse consumers to take ownership of the data possessed by them in the exclusive technological trend. The concept of the metaverse is very famous within the industry.


Nonetheless, simultaneously, it is relatively new. The respective topic has shown considerable development in the recent year. In addition to this, the idea of the metaverse has remained effective in attracting a large audience attempting to explore this space. A significant position is taken by the digital economies including the online, commercial, as well as payment-related sectors in this respect. User-generated content is likely to have substantial value.

At present, there is a great opportunity to guarantee the circulation and security of the respective data with the use of blockchain technology. Nevertheless, an enormous issue within the blockchain and the Metaverse sectors is the deficiency of a decentralized efficient system of data storage.

People can keep simple information regarding account balances. However, keeping huge amounts of data such as images and videos on blockchain platforms is considerably challenging. The nodes require a complete replicate of a blockchain. This signifies that operating an effective solution for blockchain storage is a quite difficult task.

Jasmy’s Start and Operations

The blockchain platform Jasmy was founded back in 2016 in Tokyo. The person credited for establishing Jasmy is Kazumasa Sato (who formerly served as an employee at Sony. The purpose of establishing Jasmy was to develop data security as well as sharing related services within the sectors of the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as the metaverse. The vision behind this project permits the consumers to keep their data in their possession as well as monetize it when they require it.

With the technology utilized by Jasmy, the metaverse applications developed on the network are allowed to make straight bridges for the exchange of data among themselves. The respective application offers a solution for decentralized storage that is adequate for the applications operating within the metaverse sector.

With the advancement within the Web3 world as well as the enhanced data democracy, the platform of Jasmy is capable of developing something exclusive within the world of the metaverse. Jasmy has diverse chief technology-related aspects and features that assist it to achieve the objectives set by the platform.

Metadata Storage

By using encryption technology, distributed storage, as well as IoT-based technologies, consumers can securely store code, audio, motion, videos, picture, and other such information for uses related to the metaverse. Jasmy effectively achieves the respective via an exclusive data locker as well as the storage of files with the use of the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). The respective mechanism is responsible for the distribution of data across consumers in a peer-to-peer network.

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IoT Equipment and Devices

A significant characteristic of the world of the metaverse is that it is immersive. This quality makes virtual reality (VR) and IoT-related equipment noteworthy for the consumer experience. The Jasmy protocol is compatible with VR and augmented reality (AR) devices along with sensor modules as well as IoT technologies.

Provision of Immersive Games Domains

The platform Jasmy offers the opportunity to develop as well as store the equipment, skins, characters, as well as the rest of the metaverse games-related assets in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Customers can possess the respective assets as well as trade them on secondary cryptocurrency and NFT markets, developing value with their data.

Jasmy Coin

Jasmy Coin is the native crypto token that operates in the Jasmy ecosystem. The token is known as a utility and governance token based on the Ethereum-based ERC-20 token model. The digital token’s ticker symbol is JASMY and it was minted on the network of Ethereum. The token has diverse user cases as it plays a vital role in providing benefits to the behavior as well as both community and game governance.

A prominent use case of the JASMY token takes into account offering rewards and motivating players who play Jasmy games. Apart from that, the token can be used to buy Mystery Blind Box Foundry Heroes. Moreover, the consumers can utilize it to purchase metaverse, consumables, weapons, heroes, as well as land in the metaverse. The token’s other use cases deal with liquidity mining as well as staking along with getting token rewards.

Furthermore, the users can access data existing in the data lockers of Jasmy by holding the JASMY tokens. Possessing JASMY also permits the users to participate in the governance mechanism of Jasmy via casting votes on proposals. Eventually, this will permit the community to run as a decentralized autonomous organization (or DAO). With JASMY tokens, community members can get rewards for contributions and creations made by them on the metaverse ecosystem of Jasmy.

Jasmy Coin Price Prediction: Price History

The price history of the crypto tokens plays a significant role in gauging the position of the particular crypto assets within the overall market. The historical data also help in doing the price analysis of the crypto tokens based on their performance. Keeping this in view, the analysts make approximate ideas in terms of price projection and provide a future value. The Jasmy Coin price history points out that the token has gone through hard times during the previous year.

Since its inception, the JASMY token’s price has been showing great volatility. In line with the earliest accessible statistics from the year 2021, the price of the token elevated from the value of $1.29 (as of February 12) to an all-time high of up to $4.99 on the 16th of February. This indicated a great price rise of up to 300%.

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Nonetheless, the value of the token failed to sustain its momentum. In this respect, it slumped by above 64% from its top price level to just $1.77. The crypto coin traded with significant volatility for several upcoming weeks. The token declined to $0.11 by July 12. This was the point when the market went through great losses throughout the summer of that year.

In the conclusive quarter of the year 2021, a brief price rally was witnessed by the crypto token as it elevated by more than $1,000% and reached $0.27 on the 2nd of November. A prominent cause of this was the token’s listing on the well-known crypto exchange platform Coinbase, though it dropped to $0.08544 at the end of the year.

During the whole year of 2022, the token remained below the spot of $0.09. The statistics provided by Coinbase pointed out that JASMY witnessed monthly declines during 5 months of the cumulative 6 months during the 1st half. On the 18th of June, the token reached a low price level of approximately $0.008124. At that time, the prices of the crypto tokens saw a broader collapse.

After that, on the 17th of August, the crypto coin experienced a slight recovery and reached $0.01219 before it dipped for another time. On the 9th of November, the token hit an exclusive high of $0.00338. Nonetheless, it lowered to $0.002747 on December 29. Then, JASMY saw a price level of $0.002944 at 2022’s end, with a loss of up to 96.5% in price during the whole year.

This year, the entire crypto industry has been going through a recovery spree and JASMY is no exception. It has been categorized among the crypto coins which have witnessed a rise in their price during this year up till now. On the 7th of February, the token reached a high of $0.008285 before falling to $0.00431 on March 27. On the 19th of the last month, its price was standing at $0.006385.

Jasmy Coin Price Prediction: Price Analysis

The price forecast of the crypto tokens includes the analysis of the respective tokens in line with adequate knowledge about past price performance. Price fluctuation, bullish or bearish momentum, price volatility, speculation, and market sentiment are the things that are taken into consideration for the analysis of crypto assets. The overall market trends show that the crypto industry will boost up in the coming time.

According to cryptocurrency market analysis, Jasmy Coin price trends are recovering with time. Although, in previous years, there was a lot of price volatility in Jasmy Coin, the latest price statistics are optimistic. Keeping in view Jasmy Coin price history, the fundamental price analysis says that the token’s current price is $0.004877.

JASMY’s current market capitalization is up to $231,992,828. The latest 24-hour trading volume of the crypto token is nearly $64,154,504. The token reached an all-time high of $4.99 on the 16th of February in the year 2021. It touched an all-time low price of approximately $0.002747 on the 29th of December in 2022.

The technical analysis of Jasmy Coin brings to the front that the token has witnessed some positive developments during its recent performance. In this respect, the crypto coin witnessed positive price development in fifteen days during the last month, showing a 50% optimistic performance. Additionally, Jasmy Coin market sentiment suggests that the token has an overall bearish scenario.

Jasmy Coin price analysis discloses that the fear and greed index is now standing at 48, indicating a neutral position. The market dominance of the token is placed at almost 0.02%. Nonetheless, the supply inflation of JASMY is nearly 900.44%. The price volatility of the token is now standing at a very high spot of up to 10.33%. A positive thing is that its liquidity is high based on market capitalization.

Jasmy Coin Price Prediction

In line with the Jasmy Coin price speculation, it is anticipated that the token will rise to a great extent in the coming time. Predicting Jasmy Coin value includes making estimates about the future of Jasmy Coin. Despite Jasmy Coin price fluctuations, the price projection for Jasmy Coin is optimistic. Jasmy Coin forecast suggests that it will witness huge traction in the next years.

Jasmy Coin Price Prediction 2024

As indicated by Jasmy Coin price prediction models, the token will rise during the current year. In this respect, the Jasmy Coin price movement will witness an increase by 2024. The average price of the token is predicted to be $0.01833 by this year while it can also reach a maximum price level of up to $0.0232.

Jasmy Price Prediction 2025

Jasmy Coin price comparison with the other crypto tokens clarifies that the increased adoption of the web3 and the metaverse sectors will enable it to have an improvement in its valuation. In this way, Jasmy Coin market outlook will get better. By the year 2025, the average price of the token is expected to be nearly $0.014713. On the other hand, the token can touch $0.016093 as its maximum price by that year.

Jasmy Price Prediction 2030

It is anticipated that the negative factors influencing the Jasmy Coin price will be minimized in the next years. As a result of that, the token will be adopted by a great number of common people. By the year 2030, the average price of the token is predicted to be nearly $0.037703. Nevertheless, the maximum price of the token can touch the figure of $0.039083 by that year.


In line with the thorough price history as well as the comprehensive analysis, the price forecasts provided great insights into Jasmy Coin investment potential. The crypto token can be a good investment option for long-term investors. Nonetheless, traders should keep an eye on adequate Jasmy Coin trading strategies. Those who are reluctant to take risky investment decisions should not consider crypto tokens.


Jasmy Coin (JASMY) is a utility and governance token in the Jasmy ecosystem, based on the Ethereum ERC-20 token model. It plays a crucial role in data security, community governance, and as a medium for transactions within the Jasmy platform, particularly in the realms of IoT and the metaverse.

Jasmy Coin is used for various purposes within the Jasmy ecosystem, including incentivizing players, purchasing in-game assets like characters and weapons, liquidity mining, and staking. It also allows holders to access data lockers, participate in governance through voting, and earn rewards for contributions to the community.

Jasmy Coin has experienced significant volatility since its launch. It reached an all-time high of $4.99 in February 2021 but also saw a drastic drop in value, touching a low of $0.002747 by December 2022. The token’s price history reflects major fluctuations influenced by broader market trends and individual developments within the Jasmy ecosystem.

As of the latest update, Jasmy Coin’s price was approximately $0.004877 with a market capitalization of about $231,992,828. It exhibits high liquidity and a very high price volatility, which indicates a potentially risky investment for conservative traders.

Based on various analytical models, the future price movement of Jasmy Coin looks optimistic despite its past volatility. Predictions for 2024 suggest an average price of $0.006437, potentially rising to $0.006897. By 2030, the price could average around $0.037703 and may even reach up to $0.039083.

The Jasmy platform utilizes a combination of encryption, distributed storage solutions like the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), and IoT-based technologies to securely store a wide array of data. These technologies support the platform’s core functionalities in data security and democratization within the IoT and metaverse sectors.

Jasmy aims to revolutionize IoT and the metaverse by providing robust data security and seamless data exchange across applications. It supports the creation of decentralized storage solutions and enables the development of immersive, interactive environments through its support of VR/AR technologies and metaverse-centric applications.

Investors should consider the high volatility and past performance of Jasmy Coin, alongside its potential growth driven by advancements in IoT and the metaverse. While the token has high liquidity, its price fluctuations suggest that it might be more suited to investors who are comfortable with high-risk, high-reward scenarios. Diversifying investments and staying informed about market trends are crucial strategies for anyone considering investing in Jasmy Coin.


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