MC2 Finance joins Cointelegraph Accelerator



Decentralized finance (DeFi) might hold immense potential to solve the problems faced by traditional finance (TradFi). However, DeFi still struggles with onboarding new users -both retail and institutional- due to its limitations on the user experience side. 

Despite all the innovation and development happening on the infrastructure level, the “DeFi revolution” is presented to users with unnecessarily complicated screens that would require expert-level technical knowledge. 

To reach the mainstream, blockchain protocols need a robust infrastructure on the back while delivering a smooth, clean and user-friendly experience on the front. The easiest way to achieve this is to take a cue from what has worked in TradFi and fintech all these years in terms of user experience.

MC2 Finance, a decentralized crypto asset management platform, aims to onboard both TradFi users and crypto newcomers by simplifying the investment experience in DeFi. It offers an infrastructure for creating KYC-free digital asset funds that are aligned with regulatory requirements. 


Asset managers can instantly create non-custodial portfolio structures across multiple blockchains using MC2 Finance and trade a strategy as a token. Users can then follow experts’ strategies with their own cross-chain portfolios automatically. Once a user connects to MC2 Finance with a Web3 wallet, they’re free to explore different token strategies and review risks and ratings to make informed decisions based on their goals.

DeFi needs simple screens

The simplistic design of the platform allows DeFi newcomers to easily mix their strategies through an uncluttered interface while learning from the expert community by joining exclusive traders’ clubs.

The platform features a white-label marketplace that is integrated into popular decentralized exchanges (DEXs). The integration means increased trading volume and total value locked (TVL) for some of the biggest DEXs in the space. MC2 Finance also offers automated auditing and strategy verification to ensure the safety and reliability of investments. What’s more, by implementing trading competitions, the platform will allow users to have access to tested out investment strategies.

“The digitization and decentralization of all asset classes is a clear trend in the financial sector,” an MC2 Finance spokesperson commented, adding that MC2 Finance is bridging traditional finance and DeFi by bringing TradFi standards to DeFi and introducing decentralization to traditional funds.

“By creating a compliant, non-custodial, and decentralized fund management infrastructure, we’re addressing key challenges in both sectors and facilitating the transition to on-chain financial systems.” 

MC2 Finance joins Cointelegraph Accelerator

MC2 Finance joined the Cointelegraph Accelerator, a program designed to help up-and-coming Web3 projects benefit from Cointelegraph’s established media presence and marketing opportunities. Cointelegraph Accelerator picked MC2 Finance due to its team expertise and vision of the potential to disrupt the traditional investment industry using the blockchain technilogy . 

Having 14 employees across Europe, the project already has partnerships with several blockchains and DEXs. The platform hosted over a thousand users during its testnet phase, and a full launch is slated for early 2024. 


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