MicroStrategy Surpasses 1% of Bitcoin’s Total Supply in Latest Purchase

MicroStrategy's extensive Bitcoin portfolio showcasing its market influence


In an ambitious move, Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy has again made headlines by purchasing an additional 9,245 Bitcoins this week, amounting to $623 million. This strategic acquisition increases their total Bitcoin holdings to 214,246, averaging a purchase price of $35,160 per Bitcoin. With a cumulative spending of $7.5 billion, MicroStrategy now commands over 1% of the entire Bitcoin market, translating to an unrealized profit margin of approximately $6 billion.

Funding the Acquisition

The funding for this monumental acquisition was meticulously planned. A major portion, $592.3 million, was secured through the company’s latest convertible debt offering. The remainder, $30.7 million, came from surplus cash reserves. This financial maneuver showcases Micro Strategy’s commitment to integrating Bitcoin into its long-term investment strategy.

Impact on MicroStrategy’s Stock Value

Despite the significant increase in Bitcoin assets, Micro Strategy’s stock value experienced a 13% decline on Tuesday, following the announcement. This drop coincided with a downturn in Bitcoin’s value, reflecting the volatile nature of digital currency investments. The company’s recent $603.7 million convertible debt offering, closely following a previous $800 million offering, further highlights the complexities of leveraging debt for cryptocurrency investments.

Repayment Plans

MicroStrategy has outlined a unique repayment strategy for its borrowed funds. By September 15, 2030, the company intends to offer investors the option to convert the cash lent into Micro Strategy shares, under specific conditions. Initially, investors lending $1,000 will receive 0.43 of a MicroStrategy share, implying a significant return on investment under certain market conditions.



MicroStrategy’s aggressive Bitcoin acquisition strategy solidifies its position as a major player in the cryptocurrency market. Despite the risks associated with digital currency investment and leveraging debt, the company’s innovative approach to financing and investment continues to draw attention. With over 1% of Bitcoin’s total supply now in its portfolio, Micro Strategy is set on a path that could redefine the integration of digital assets into corporate investment strategies.

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