‘My Neighbor Alice’ Game Migrates From BNB Chain to Chromia With New Season

'My Neighbor Alice' Game Migrates From BNB Chain to Chromia With New Season


My Neighbor Alice, a long-running blockchain game launched in 2021, has migrated from BNB Chain to the new Chromia network in the run-up to Chromia’s mainnet launch.

Developed by Antler Interactive, My Neighbor Alice is a fully on-chain game in the spirit of big Web2 hits like Animal Crossing and Minecraft, letting players do things like farm, fish, and socialize in a colorful environment. The game has an ALICE token minted on Ethereum, as well as NFT land plots on BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain).

Coinciding with today’s in-game launch of the Season 4 content package, the developers have launched a bridge from BNB Chain to Chromia, letting NFT owners migrate their assets to the new chain to craft new Chromia NFTs within the game. According to a press release, players will not need to pay gas fees on Chromia or sign transactions while playing.

Chromia is described as a “relational blockchain,” pairing a decentralized blockchain network with an enterprise-ready relational database, enabling what the developers say is a platform that’s well suited for rich applications—whether for business, entertainment, or gaming.


“Chromia features make it a natural fit for Web3 gaming,” said My Neighbor Alice Chief Technical officer Alex Mizrahi, in a release. “Players want to own the items they spend time earning within the game world, but they also want a more intuitive experience that existing dapp platforms cannot deliver.”

My Neighbor Alice isn’t running on the Chromia mainnet, but rather an “appnet”—a dedicated instance of the blockchain built for specific decentralized apps (dapps). In fact, the mainnet won’t launch until 2024, as revealed in a recent roadmap update—but the appnet provides examples of how games and apps will run on the technology.

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