Nigerian Blockchain Advocacy Group Warns of Repercussions from Binance Dispute

Nigerian blockchain advocacy group discussing the repercussions of the Binance dispute


The Blockchain Industry Coordinating Committee of Nigeria (BICCoN) pointed out that the ongoing legal dispute between Binance and Nigeria remains an issue they are unhappy about. Their internet protest brings forth the possible fallouts on the nation’s international reputation and calls for a fair treatment of the situation as decided by it.

Advocacy Group’s Concerns

BICCoN has expressed Nigeria’s blockchain sector and concerns about the broader issues that could arise in this Binance dispute. The group’s statement underlines the requirement for a settlement of a dispute that, generally speaking, not only protects the national interests such as economic stability and regulatory compliance but also establishes trust and confidence in the process.

Call for Balanced Approach

BICCoN, as was stated in their statement, is envisaging a program of cooperation with international allies and stakeholders. The group observes that time lag in addressing the case might force Nigeria to give up its blockchain developments and tarnish the country’s international alliances.

Ripple Effects of Executive Detention

The capture of Binance executive, Tigran Gambaryan, appears to start sending out “ripple effects” that can endanger Nigeria’s ability to sustain and further consolidate its crucial relationships with international partners. BICCoN illuminates the fact that recent happenings have induced a downward trend in investments. The appeal for foreign investments has gone unheeded which is why the country’s economy remains stagnant.

Impact on International Support

BICCoN amplifies their point that the outcome of the incident may well evolve into the withdrawal of support by foreign investors, thus leaving the relevant authorities in Nigeria without the crucial equipment and the know-how needed for efficient industry regulation.


Potential Setbacks for Financial Crime Combating

The NGO points out the significance of acquiring sophisticated instruments and accessing the resources that are made available by the global blockchain operators that transact here in Nigeria. The apprehension of Gambaryan, who was a specialist and whose expertise could have brought a positive effect to the regulatory authorities in Nigeria, is a setback to the efforts for harmonizing the financial sector and ensuring an environment that is safe for the stakeholders.

Nigeria Call for Constructive Dialogue

BICCoN suggests the method of “constructive dialogue” which is recommended for other interested parties to be resolved amicably. The team stresses that operations should be done with no conflicts, must be fair, and must comply with the standard.


On the other hand, BICCoN is of the opinion that if the country takes a balanced approach to the crisis, corruption, and bias against the cryptocurrency sectors will disappear, and new bonds will emerge between the blockchains and Nigeria. The group’s proposal of a well-balanced settlement is targeted at the protection of Nigerian interests while the uniting force of international cooperation and investment is met by the formal stakeholders’ initiatives.

Political and Legal Developments

Gambaryan and Nadeem Anjarwalla, a Binance regional manager, got arrested on the 26th of February when they visited Nigeria to answer allegations of tax evasion and money laundering by Binance. Despite the continue of the tensions and repeated callings of U.S. authorities for intervention, the Nigerian authorities have not changed their stance as they are still defending Gambaryan’s trial amid the accusations of ill-treatment in the detention conditions.

Summing up, BICCoN declares that the issue of a resolution that balances compliance with fostering trust for blockchain startups international and local collaboration is very important for the sector to grow and be stable.