Noctis X AMA Session With BeInCrypto

Noctis X AMA Session With BeInCrypto


Get ready for an exciting AMA session with BeInCrypto, featuring Noctis, the standout Door Opener of Noctis Coin. Today, we dive into how this unique coin blends age-old traditions with the latest in crypto tech. At 130 years old, Noctis isn’t just any meme character; he’s on a mission to top the memecoin charts. 

With a history of opening doors and defeating memes, Noctis and his experienced crypto crew are ready to mix things up. Join us as we uncover the story behind Noctis Coin, discuss its goals, and reveal why it’s not just another meme in the crowd. 

AMA session with Noctis

BIC: We’re getting ready for our special AMA session! 

Take a comfortable seat and follow our conversation in a few minutes. 


Today, we welcome Noctis, who is the Door Opener and representative of Noctis Coin, in our AMA today. I’ll have some questions for Noctis, and then we will move to the questions from you, guys. 

So, let’s get started 🚀

Please introduce yourself and your team.


Hello! My name is Noctis, I’m 130 years old and I dedicate myself to open doors all day long and kill the memes inside, no matter how big they are.

I come from a long line of generations who have been engaged in this task for many, many centuries.

But this time, we wanted to make the leap to digitalization, so that everyone can see my progress.

About the rest of the team, there are 4 other humans who founded and participated in many crypto projects well known in the crypto space, and they will help me to expand in this world. In short, very capable people to carry out this adventure.

BIC: The start is already impressive 😏

Tell us more about the coin’s history. Why did you choose the name Noctis? And the character is like the Grim Reaper… 👀


The Noctis name was given to me because I am the night, a nocturnal skeleton that comes out of the shadows to undertake my single mission: find my next victim, knock their door and finish him.

And well, what to say about my appearance, I’m death, no need to explain more things, I am recognized worldwide.

BIC: What is your main goal as a project? How does your project differ from other meme coins?


The objective of this adventure is to surpass the market cap of the rest of memecoins, since it is the only way I have to open doors, if I can’t surpass their market cap, I can’t continue my task.

So I am a meme that wants to become famous for killing the rest of coins. My only goal is that people want to join my mission, and with the help of everyone we can create a great community with the desire to be the top 1 meme.

BIC: A common story in the crypto market is that a new meme coin appears, there is a lot of hype around it, but soon everybody forgets about it. How will you ensure your project retains its relevance in the market?


Absolutely right, but hey, in the end, as a meme, I have something extra compared to the rest. Basically, we have a goal, not just buy and wait for a miracle to happen.

We want people to feel the excitement of beating another project, to go to the other communities to tell them they are next, and that together we can beat them one by one, so we’ll always have a goal in sight.

This is a plus point, with which people can feel part of the project and at the same time enjoy seeing the death and destruction of everyone else.

BIC: Seeing the death and destruction of everyone else… I feel the dark part of me begin to rejoice… 


Great! Some questions that are interesting for all traders & investors… Last week, you launched a presale. Tell me how it went. Were your expectations met?


Indeed, it went great, the amount collected in the presale was about 1100 SOL, which allowed us to have a high liquidity compared to the vast majority of memes.

Then, we burned all the LPs, so the liquidity is completely blocked, to bring security and trust to everyone in the community.

And well, the price is holding up so well, now when the market gets bullish again, we’ll start very strong with marketing, as we have a lot of contacts and a lot of strength inside the team at this point.

BIC: WOW! And at what stage of launch is the project now?


Actually we have only been on the market for a few days, basically we are at the initial point of listing the coin on all the platforms, all the trackers, meme sites… all these things, which unfortunately are going a bit slow.

And once we have all this, we will start with marketing, we are already in talks with KOLs, and we will start to make some noise.

BIC: How much of the total tokens are locked, if any? And what’s the timeline of their unlock? 


Basically the team holds 6% of the supply and the marketing part which is another 6%. And the rest is distributed among the public sale participants with 44% and another 44% in the pool as liquidity, which cannot be withdrawn in any way. 

So, all tokens are distributed already!

BIC: What’s the buying fee percentage? And what’s the selling fee percentage?


This part is easy to answer, we have no fees, neither for buying nor selling, we don’t want to take any profit from this.

So, we lower the entry barriers at the minimum, so our mission of killing other memes becomes easier. 

BIC: Should we expect any listings soon?


I don’t know if soon, but we have it on the roadmap for sure!

Once we increase our holders and volume we will start knocking at some doors, but this time not to kill them, but to list the token. 

BIC: Ok 😂😂😂 

Have you any airdrops or something like that? 


Not at the moment, but we’re working on a partnership that could involve a “small” airdrop that will attract a  lot of new eyes!

BIC: Tell us about your plans for Noctis. What’s the future of the coin?


For us, the future of Noctis is very clear, we are a meme coin, we know that, but we are not any random memecoin, we are THE memecoin. That’s why we want to go slowly but surely, grow the community, the user base and keep climbing.

BIC: Now let’s move on to questions from our community that we collected in advance! The first one: @PhucNguyenu

Can you explain the significance of the doors metaphor in Noctis’ narrative and how it reflects the project’s vision and goals?


It’s very simple, each gate represents a project that we have to reach, and the project is “killed” by overcoming its market cap. So for us, each door overcome is a new milestone achieved, and the next one is our next achievement to overcome.

BIC: @ducluong27 wants to know:

Decentralization is a key pillar of crypto. But often teams or founders end up with outsized allocations. How decentralized is NOCTIS distribution amongst the team, investors, community etc?


The community controls the project! Literally. Almost the whole supply of the project is already distributed between the community and the liquidity pool, so the token is well distributed.

BIC: @AlineWhipple asks: 

Tell me 3 reasons why to prefer in this Noctis Coin over other competitors. What are those features which makes you unique from your competition?


For me the most important thing is to have a common goal, and we achieved this very well. Besides, we create a very competitive atmosphere, so the group is always very active and people are very aware of the progress. And finally, having a motivation, however small it may be, to keep growing to kill them all, always with love of course 🙂

BIC: @SusannMetzler wrote:

There are many projects in the market which rug pull later. How can we trust NOCTIS projects, and can you tell us how NOCTIS is different from competitors?


The biggest difference with the rest of meme coins is that we have made a big pre-sale, so we have a lot of people behind us supporting the token from the very beginning. And well, there is no way to rugpull anymore, since all the liquidity is burned.

BIC: The last one by @Liz_singleton_46:

What mechanisms does Noctis Coin have in place to ensure that its market cap grows over time? How does it plan to attract investors and maintain their interest?


One of our main goals is to unify the community, and work together to achieve a common goal: Increase the market cap and surpass the next memecoin.

We are also right now preparing for the next marketing actions, because we do not only want to unify the community, but make it bigger.

BIC: Great! Noctis, that’s all the questions from us and our community today, and we want to thank you for finding the time to be our guest 🖤

Final thoughts

That’s a wrap on our AMA with Noctis! We’ve gained some great insights into what makes Noctis Coin truly special. It’s more than just a meme; it’s a coin with deep roots and big plans to shake up the memecoin scene. 

With a committed team and a focus on building a strong community without any transaction fees, Noctis Coin stands out from the pack. We’re eager to see how it grows and takes on the competition. 

Thanks for tuning in and getting involved with your questions! Keep following BeInCrypto to stay updated on all things Noctis Coin and more. The future of memecoins is just beginning, and it looks exciting!


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