OVAL3 Launches Its Token on Bitget December 20th

OVAL3, the Rugby WEB3 Fantasy Game, Launches Its Token on Bitget December 20th


The integration of blockchain technology into fantasy sports is revolutionizing the industry, offering a new level of engagement and innovation. This merger uses the power of blockchain’s transparency, security, and decentralization to elevate the fantasy sports experience. 

Incorporating cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into fantasy sports has further expanded this landscape. These digital assets allow for unique representations of players and teams, providing fans with a sense of ownership and a more immersive experience. Moreover, the use of cryptocurrencies streamlines transactions across borders, making the fantasy sports market more inclusive and accessible globally.

This synergy between blockchain and fantasy sports is not just enhancing existing platforms but also paving the way for innovative gaming experiences. It enables the creation of dynamic, community-driven ecosystems where fans can interact, trade, and compete on a global scale.

A notable example of this evolution is Oval3, a fantasy rugby game that has embraced blockchain technology to offer a unique gaming experience. Oval3 is set to launch its token on Bitget the 20th at 11 am UTC of December, a move that underscores the growing influence of blockchain in fantasy sports. Let’s take a closer look at Oval3 and its exciting Bitget launch!


Revolutionizing Fantasy Rugby with Blockchain Technology

Oval3 is set to redefine the rugby fantasy game landscape with its innovative use of blockchain technology. Developed by BAMG Sport, known for its successful Web2 fantasy rugby game with over 55,000 users, Oval3 brings a fresh perspective to the world of fantasy sports. 

The game is not just a digital engagement platform but a blend of real-world rugby excitement and the cutting-edge technology of Web3.

The Game Concept

Oval3 allows players to create fantasy rugby teams using real-life rugby players. The performance of these real players directly impacts the fantasy team’s statistics, adding a layer of realism and excitement. The game is available in two versions: a free version without NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and a Web3 version that incorporates NFT elements.

Oval3 introduces a novel concept where the rarity of a player’s NFTs determines their league. The marketplace for these NFTs has already seen significant sales, affirming the game’s popularity and potential.

Unique Features and Partnerships

Exclusive Licenses: Oval3 boasts exclusive licenses with major rugby leagues, including the French and American national rugby leagues, with more partnerships in the pipeline.
Celebrity Endorsement: The game is associated with Antoine Dupont, the French rugby captain and acclaimed world player.
Investments and Funding: The project has successfully raised funds through an Equity Round and a private token sale, with prominent backers like Intervalle Capital.


The Oval3 Token: Launch on Bitget and Utility

The Oval3 token is launching on Bitget on the 20th of December. This strategic move is significant for Oval3, as Bitget is one of the leading global cryptocurrency exchanges, known for its extensive reach and strong trading platform. 

The launch on such a prominent platform offers Oval3 great exposure, tapping into Bitget’s vast user base and enhancing the visibility of the project to a broader audience. This exposure is crucial for Oval3, as it not only attracts potential players and investors but also elevates the project’s credibility within the crypto and sports communities. 

By listing on Bitget, Oval3 gains access to a more diverse and global market, which is essential for its growth and the expansion of its unique blockchain-based fantasy sports ecosystem. The collaboration with Bitget marks a significant milestone for Oval3, paving the way for greater adoption and success in the merging worlds of digital assets and fantasy sports.

Token Utility

NFT Purchases: The token can be used to buy NFTs, with advantages over traditional platforms like Polygon.
Fan Token Rewards: Holding or staking Oval3 tokens grants access to exclusive rugby-related rewards and experiences.
Merchandise Purchases: Token holders can soon buy official rugby merchandise with attractive cashback offers.

Oval3 aims to bridge the gap between the virtual and real worlds by offering tangible experiences to its community. From fan events in cities like Toulouse and New Orleans to unique merchandise and exclusive rewards, the Oval3 token is designed to offer value beyond the digital realm.

Future Prospects and Player Engagement

Oval3 is not just about watching; it’s about participating. Players can compete in various competitions, with rewards based on their fantasy team’s performance. The game’s valuation system adds depth by assigning value to clubs, positions, and players based on real-world statistics.

Oval3’s diverse revenue streams include NFT sales, brand partnerships, and marketplace fees. This financial model, coupled with a detailed go-to-market strategy, positions Oval3 for sustained growth and success for the future.

With its upcoming token launch on Bitget, Oval3 is set to become a leading name in the world of fantasy sports. Whether you’re a rugby enthusiast, a fantasy sports fan, or a savvy investor, Oval3 offers an exciting opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking project that blends the thrill of rugby with the innovation of blockchain technology. 


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