Polygon Labs and Warner Music Group Drive Web3 Evolution in the Music Industry

Polygon Labs and Warner Music Group executives announcing Web3 Music Accelerator recipients.

Fuelling Innovation: Polygon Labs and Warner Music Group

Polygon Labs and Warner Music Group (WMG) have unveiled the two grant recipients for their groundbreaking Web3 Music Accelerator program, aimed at fostering innovation at the intersection of Web3 and the music industry.

Nurturing Web3 and Music Collaboration

Launched in June 2023, the Web3 Music Accelerator program received over 120 applications focusing on decentralization, artist-fan communities, music production, ticketing solutions, collectibles, and interactive technology integration. The selected projects align with the shared vision of Polygon Labs and Warner Music Group to advance the evolution of the music industry in the Web3 space.

MITH: Unlocking Fan Engagement

MITH, one of the recipients, is a fan engagement platform enabling artists to unlock AI-driven insights and analytics while maintaining ownership of first-party data on their audiences. This approach provides a comprehensive “360° view” of each fan, enhancing the artist-fan connection.

Muus Collective: Fashion-Centric Experiences

The second recipient, Muus Collective, is creating “fashion-centric experiences,” encompassing mobile games, entertainment, and digital collectibles. This initiative reflects the diverse applications of Web3 in shaping unique and engaging experiences for music enthusiasts.


Vision for Web3 Evolution

Jilian Rothman, VP of New Business and Ventures at WMG, emphasizes the mission of providing meaningful connections between artists and fans while allowing fans to express their fandom. The Web3 Music Accelerator program aligns with this mission, supporting projects that redefine the music industry’s future.

Endorsements and Support

The selected projects receive endorsements from both WMG and Polygon Labs, strategic advising, networking opportunities, and marketing support. Additionally, blockchain infrastructure developers, including CertiK, Coinflow, Tatum, and others, contribute to the success of the program.

Continuing the Web3 Journey

Polygon Labs expresses excitement about decentralized innovation moving toward mainstream acceptance through initiatives like the Web3 Music Accelerator program. As Polygon Labs and Warner Music Group actively forge new paths using Web3 tools, this collaborative effort reaffirms the commitment to driving innovation and reshaping the music industry’s landscape.

The Web3 Music Accelerator program stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts between Polygon Labs and WMG, propelling the music industry into a new era of decentralized possibilities.

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