Rising Opposition from Anti-Crypto Politicians Casts Doubt on Ethereum ETF Approval in 2024

An illustration of Ethereum ETF documents with a gavel and the Capitol building in the background, symbolizing political opposition to crypto ETF approvals.

Optimism Wanes Over SEC’s Ethereum ETF Approval

The crypto industry’s enthusiasm for the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) potential approval of spot Ethereum ETFs by May 23 is on a decline. According to a report by Fox’s Eleanor Terrett, notable anti-cryptocurrency figures, particularly Senator Elizabeth Warren, are stepping up efforts to halt the progress of Ethereum spot ETFs. This development comes amidst the SEC staff showing a tepid response towards promoting this new crypto investment vehicle.

SEC’s Contentment with Bitcoin ETFs

Terrett’s insights reveal that SEC Chair Gary Gensler feels that the approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs has already catered to the crypto industry’s demands, leaving little room for further advancements with Ethereum ETFs. The opposition from figures like Senator Warren, who has previously expressed dissatisfaction with the SEC’s decision on Bitcoin ETFs, adds another layer of challenge for Ethereum’s case.

The Roadblocks Ahead

The SEC’s hesitancy and political pushback could significantly dampen the chances for an Ethereum ETF approval. With the deadline looming, the urgency for the SEC staff to kickstart their review process is more critical than ever. Yet, as Terrett points out, the direction the SEC staff will take remains unclear, further complicating the path to approval.

Political Resistance Intensifies

Senator Warren has been vocal about her concerns regarding the integration of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum into the mainstream financial system, urging for stricter regulatory measures. Her stance reflects a broader skepticism among anti-crypto politicians about further expanding the crypto market’s reach through products like ETFs.


Gensler’s Stance on Ethereum ETFs

While the crypto community seeks clarity, Gary Gensler’s comments remain non-committal regarding the Ethereum ETFs, paralleling his approach with the previously approved Bitcoin ETFs. Despite the growing pressure for a decision, the SEC’s pattern of delaying verdicts on Ethereum ETF applications, including those from heavyweight firms like Grayscale and Fidelity, indicates a cautious, if not skeptical, regulatory stance.

International Moves and Market Impact

As the U.S. deliberates, other countries, particularly Hong Kong, are moving forward with plans to launch Ethereum spot ETFs, potentially positioning themselves ahead in the global crypto market. Meanwhile, the success of Bitcoin spot ETFs in the U.S., demonstrated by significant net inflows and asset management growth, underscores the market’s readiness for similar Ethereum-based products.


The path to Ethereum spot ETF approval is fraught with regulatory uncertainties and political opposition, casting shadows over the future of cryptocurrency integration into the broader financial ecosystem. As the May 23 deadline approaches, all eyes will be on the SEC’s decision-making process, which could set a precedent for the treatment of crypto assets in the years to come.

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