SEC to Seek Additional $158m for ‘Wild West of Crypto Markets’

Graphical representation of the SEC's request for $158 million to regulate the cryptocurrency market

In an unprecedented move aimed at bringing order to the chaotic landscape of cryptocurrency markets, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has formally requested Congress to allocate an additional $158 million in federal funds. This financial injection, outlined in the agency’s Congressional Budget Justification, is intended to address a plethora of pressing issues, chief among them the regulation of the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency sector.

SEC tackling the Crypto Frontier

SE’C Chairman Gary Gensler did not mince words when describing the current state of the cryptocurrency industry, labeling it the “wild west.” He highlighted the transformative shift in how investors communicate, pointing to the influence of social media platforms and celebrity endorsements. Gensler’s comments underline the burgeoning challenges and noncompliance issues within the crypto markets, which have placed investors’ assets at significant risk.

“This landscape necessitates a robust regulatory approach to safeguard investors and ensure market integrity,” Gensler stated, underscoring the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies and their potential threat to unwary investors.

A Growing Budget for a Growing Challenge

The SEC’s total budget for the fiscal year 2024 stands at $2.4 billion, with a proposed increase to $2.5 billion for 2025. These funds are critical for the SE’C to enhance its capabilities in facing off against sophisticated market participants who might exploit regulatory gaps.


Part of the proposed budget increase will go towards expanding the SEC’s workforce, which is slated to grow to 5,473 employees. Specifically, the regulator’s examination department plans to add 23 new positions dedicated to addressing the risks posed by crypto assets and emerging financial technologies.

Gensler’s Stance on Cryptocurrency Regulation

Throughout his tenure, Chairman Gensler has consistently emphasized the importance of stringent cryptocurrency regulation. He has pointed out the sector’s role in illegal activities, including its significant share of the ransomware market. Despite the SEC’s approval of 11 spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), Gensler maintains a cautious perspective on Bitcoin and its market dominance, reflecting his commitment to protecting investors from potential pitfalls in the crypto market.

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