South Korean Altcoin Issuer Arrested Over $16.1 Million Fraud Allegations

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Handcuffs and digital tablet displaying cryptocurrency charts, symbolizing the arrest of a South Korean altcoin issuer for fraud


A Crackdown South Korean on Cryptocurrency Fraud

The Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office’s Virtual Asset Crime Joint Investigation Team has made headlines with the recent arrest of a South Korean altcoin issuer on March 19. Facing serious fraud charges, the individual is accused of a large-scale scheme defrauding investors out of a whopping $16.1 million. This arrest follows a dramatic incident in December last year when a crypto market maker’s escape attempt by sea was thwarted by authorities.

Failed Escape and Arrest

On December 20, 2023, the crypto entrepreneur, known under the alias Jon Bur Kim and real name Park, aged 42, was intercepted by Coast Guard officials. Attempting to flee to China via a fishing boat from Jindo, his escape was foiled by a storm, forcing the boat to dock at Mokpo. Park, known for his significant social media presence and luxury sports car collection, is now detained and facing trial at the Haenam Branch of the Gwangju District Court.

Charges and Allegations

Park is charged with illegally manipulating coin transaction prices, including bribing employees of crypto exchanges to artifice price inflations. From February 2021 to April 2022, Park and the arrested token issuer are alleged to have collaborated in launching and promoting fraudulent cryptocurrencies, misleadingly referred to as “scam coins.” Utilizing false data disclosure and market manipulation, they convinced investors of their coins’ legitimacy.

The Prosecution’s Case

The prosecution’s investigation reveals that the duo may have employed a “coin listing broker” to facilitate the fraudulent listing of these coins on exchanges, leading to rapid price surges and enabling them to sell their holdings at significant profits. Authorities are further investigating Park’s involvement in the crimes attributed to the unnamed token issuer, unveiling the depth of their collaboration in this fraud.

Wider Implications and International Concerns

This incident is part of a growing concern over the proliferation of scam coins in South Korea and the involvement of public figures in such controversies. Furthermore, the case ties into broader international legal battles, such as the U.S. prosecutors’ efforts to extradite Terraform Labs’ former CEO, Do Kwon, on charges related to the Terra ecosystem’s collapse. This cross-national legal tug-of-war underscores the complexities and global implications of cryptocurrency fraud.


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