Terraform Labs and Do Kwon Held Liable in SEC Fraud Case

A gavel resting next to the Terraform Labs logo symbolizing the guilty verdict in the SEC fraud case.


In a landmark decision that resonates throughout the cryptocurrency world, Terraform Lab’s and its co-founder, Do Kwon, have been found guilty of fraud. This verdict was handed down by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in a civil case that has caught the attention of investors and regulators alike.

The Case Against Terraform and Do Kwon

The SEC’s allegations centered around Terraform Labs and Do Kwon’s promotion of their crypto asset security and algorithmic stablecoin, Terra USD. Accusations of misleading investors about the stablecoin’s stability and the usage of Terraform’s blockchain technology by a popular payment application formed the crux of the case.

SEC Enforcement Director Gurbir Grewal stated, “We are pleased with today’s jury verdict…Terraform Labs and Kwon, its former CEO, deceived investors about the stability of Terra USD, misleading investors significantly.”

SEC Attorneys Liken Terraform Labs to “House of Cards”

SEC attorneys presented Terraform Labs as a precarious entity, likening it to a “house of cards.” The jury found Kwon and Terraform Labs liable for six charges, including making false or misleading statements related to TerraUSD (UST), Luna, or wLUNA.


The Fallout of Terraform Labs

The collapse of Terraform Labs in May 2022 underscored the vulnerabilities within the crypto market, leading to a downturn and subsequent bankruptcies of several prominent firms. The SEC‘s lawsuit, filed in February 2023, accused Terraform and Kwon of a multi-billion dollar fraud, marking a significant moment in crypto regulation.

Do Kwon’s Extradition Case Sent Back To Lower Court

The verdict’s implications extend beyond the financial sphere, affecting Do Kwon’s ongoing extradition case from Montenegro. With both the United States and South Korea vying for his extradition, the legal battle underscores the complex international dimensions of cryptocurrency regulation and enforcement.

This verdict marks a pivotal moment for the cryptocurrency industry, highlighting the need for clearer regulations and the importance of investor protection in the rapidly evolving digital asset space.


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