Tether, VBA Partner to Foster Blockchain Education in Vietnam

Tether and VBA representatives shaking hands, symbolizing their partnership for blockchain education in Vietnam.

Strategic Partnership to Enhance Blockchain Knowledge

Tether, the developer of the Tether stablecoin, has entered into a deal that will allow blockchain and crypto to be taught in Vietnam as a collaboration was announced on October. It is a digital currency that is supported by the US dollar. This is a Tether Operations Limited Corporation protecting the money. This is what allows for the stablecoin. They are the table stake behind it. According to a press release made by the Vietnam Blockchain Association (VBA), the association in Vietnam endowed with the authority to do so, has donated two of the it students wherein they undergo short seminars to learn more about the new technology.

Workshops and Conferences for Capacity-Building

It is the first step of a roadmap to teach people and we are going to work on the other phases, in the future, it will be Fostering knowledge-sharing and capacity-building in the blockchain industry through a series of workshops and conferences, the official statement confirms. Consequently, it is anticipated that various stakeholders would be able to gain substantially from this event as it would broaden their knowledge of the innovative blockchain technology and its uses.

Launch of the Academy of Blockchain and AI Innovation

The Vietnam Blockchain Association has launched the Academy of Blockchain and AI Innovation on April 24, during an annual forum, a local report said. A local news outlet reported that this section of the forum was dedicated “to discuss the nitty-gritty of the secure the blockchain and AI industry among the APSSTE’d group of adult education people in Zambia.” This academy will work on enrolling one million members by 2030 of which only 100,000 will be students and the rest will be from them universities. A board of the academy, a committee of the research scientific, and an executive committee.”

Vietnam’s Rising Crypto Adoption

According to the Chainalysis’ 2023 Crypto Gains Report, Vietnam was the 3rd country globally with the highest gains from cryptocurrency, calling it $1.18 Billion. During the newest bear market period, the Vietnamese people have more interest in cryptocurrency and money that they spend even on investigating them to know to find the most rewarding ones. They are the sector of people who use more virtual currencies than others and are interested in investing in the ones they have learned from. Moreover out of the 17% of Vietnamese, cryptocurrency is owned by 25-34 year olds are the most among them.”

Tether Eyes Broader Stablecoin Education

VBA serves as a partner to Tether to assist the latter spreading the revolutionary idea of e-currency to the people in small towns in Vietnam. Their workshops will take place mainly in the urban centers of northern Vietnam, which this includes Hanoi and HCM City.


“We are happy to be in discussion with VBA to guide local residents about using blockchains to solve real-world problems in the region”, shared Paolo Ardoino, the CEO of Tether, to the media.

Comprehensive Learning and Development

VBA is also going to develop something special for the next generation. This will happen together with training and research programs developed by the two organizations. “They are able to venter into a digitalized world at a young age, and in addition, improve their knowledge of fintech”, commented Phan Duc Trung, vice chairman of VBA.

UniTour 2024 Program for University Students

The university, in addition to this, runs the UniTour 2024 program designed for college and university students. Apart from that, this Tether-sponsored initiative has been successful in bringing information about the use of blockchain per university requirements so that they will be ready for the next steps towards the digitalization of the planet.