Trezor Addresses Phishing Emails Targeting its Community

Trezor hardware wallet logo with a shield symbolizing security.

Trezor’s Explanation of Phishing Incident

In a recent post on its official platform, Trezor shed light on a series of phishing emails that targeted its user community. The hardware wallet provider detailed how an unauthorized email, posing as the Trezor team, circulated from the address “” The deceptive email urged users to upgrade their “network” or risk losing their funds, providing a link leading to a malicious web page where users were prompted to enter their seed phrase.

Unauthorized Access and Deactivation of Malicious Link

Trezor’s investigation revealed that an unauthorized individual gained access to the newsletter subscriber email address database. The attacker then utilized a third-party email service to send out the malicious email. The project team acted swiftly to deactivate the malicious link, emphasizing that users’ funds remain secure as long as their recovery seed is not compromised.

Exploiting MailerLite Vulnerability

Notably, the attackers exploited a vulnerability in the MailerLite digital marketing platform, which occurred just days before the Trezor incident. The same tactic was used by unknown individuals who posed as representatives of well-known cryptocurrency companies, such as CoinTelegraph, Token Terminal, Wallet Connect, and De.Fi, in phishing emails. These emails contained malicious links that directed recipients to fraudulent sites designed to steal crypto assets.

Protecting Crypto Assets: Lessons Learned

Companies response highlights the critical need for users to exercise caution and remain vigilant against phishing attempts. The incident also underscores the broader vulnerability in digital marketing platforms, with recent scams resulting in the theft of approximately $600,000 from unsuspecting victims.



As the crypto community faces evolving threats, Trezor’s proactive response to the phishing incident emphasizes the importance of user education and the ongoing battle against cyber threats. Users are urged to stay informed, implement robust security measures, and verify communications directly through official channels to safeguard their valuable crypto assets.

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