Web3 charity, Ubunation, to auction 10,000 NFTs to build a school in Kenya

Web3 charity, Ubunation, to auction 10,000 NFTs to build a school in Kenya


Ubunation, a web3 charity, has partnered with UNDER Lea’s TRUST, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing educational access in Kenya, to launch an innovative charitable fundraising campaign where 10,000 NFTs will be auctioned off to support the construction of a primary school in Nairobi.

The “ULT Dream Careers Lion Charity Collection Campaign” will offer supporters the opportunity to buy 10,000 unique, limited-edition NFT images of lions, the official animal of Kenya.

The campaign not only symbolizes a significant stride towards improving education for underprivileged children but also marks a unique blend of technology and philanthropy. By purchasing one of these exclusive lion digital collectibles for $20, donors contribute directly to a $200,000 goal set to empower the youth of Nairobi with education and a promise of a better future.

Speaking at the launch on this new initiative, Heissam Hartmann, Founder of Ubunation, said:


“Through this campaign, we are not just creating a collectible; we are building dreams and paving the way for a brighter future for the children of Nairobi. This is a testament to what we can achieve when technology meets compassion and collective action.”

Lea Kabitzsch, Founder of UNDER Lea’s TRUST, added:

“Education is the cornerstone of development and empowerment. With every NFT sold, we move one step closer to turning the dream of accessible education for all into a reality in Nairobi. This school is not just a building; it’s a beacon of hope and opportunity for countless children.”

Readers interested in buying one of these charitable NFTs, or anyone seeking more information about this transformative initiative, can visit https://ubunation.com/ult/ for all the details.




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