Zodia Markets Joins Forces with Fireblocks to Enhance Cross-Border Payment Solutions

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Zodia Markets and Fireblocks partnership for improved cross-border payments



Standard Chartered-backed crypto exchange and brokerage Zodia Markets and crypto custody technology provider Fireblocks have announced a partnership aimed at enhancing the efficiency and transparency of cross-border payments. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the utilization of digital assets for financial transactions across borders.

Tackling Banking Challenges

In the face of slow transaction speeds, high costs, limited operational hours, and a lack of transparency that plagues cross-border payments, this partnership promises to offer a much-needed solution. According to Nick Philpott, co-founder of Zodia Markets, the integration of digital assets into the financial ecosystem provides corporate entities with a competitive advantage, akin to the benefits the internet has bestowed upon other industries.

The Role of Stablecoins

The adoption of stablecoins has been identified as a key element in this new era of financial transactions. Stablecoins, which are cryptocurrencies designed to minimize the volatility typically associated with digital assets, offer a near-instantaneous and cost-effective means of transferring value across the globe. Richard Astle, VP Business Lead at the Fireblocks Network, highlighted the increasing usage of stablecoins among their clients and the potential for this partnership to bring foreign exchange transactions onto the blockchain.

Expanding the Team for a Crypto Renaissance

In preparation for a burgeoning crypto market, Fireblocks has bolstered its team with strategic executive hires, including Michal Ferguson as the new Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Levine as Chief Financial Officer, and Madan Gadde as Chief Customer Officer. These appointments underscore Fireblocks’ commitment to innovation and security in the digital asset space.


The partnership between Zodia Markets and Fireblocks is poised to redefine the landscape of cross-border payments. By leveraging the unique advantages of digital assets and stablecoins, this collaboration aims to provide a more efficient, transparent, and cost-effective solution for global financial transactions. As the world increasingly moves towards digitalization, such innovations hold the promise of a more accessible and open financial system.


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