Binance Expands Web3 Wallet with 35 New dApps, Tightens KYC for Link Program

Illustration of Binance Web3 Wallet with new dApps icons including Aevo, Ambient Finance, and BAC Games


Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, has significantly upgraded its Web3 Wallet by integrating 35 new decentralized applications (dApps), marking a major expansion in its service offerings. This integration includes popular platforms such as Aevo, Ambient Finance, and BAC Games, diversifying the opportunities for users to engage with the web3 space.

Binance Enhances Web3 Wallet

The recent update to Binance’s Web3 Wallet allows users to directly access a broad spectrum of dApps, spanning gaming, finance, and trading. This move is set to enhance user experience by offering seamless interaction with a wide array of web3 applications directly from their wallets. The Web3 Wallet serves as a crucial bridge between Binance’s exchange services and the burgeoning world of decentralized applications, offering features like multi-blockchain interaction, token trading, and yield-earning opportunities.

Stricter KYC for Link Program

In a parallel development, Binance announced today a more stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) process for its Link Program. This initiative is part of Binance’s effort to align more closely with global regulatory standards following recent legal challenges in the U.S. and the looming threat of bans in countries such as Nigeria and the Philippines. The Binance Link Program is designed to empower enterprise clients and business partners by allowing them to integrate with Binance’s cutting-edge technology and vast cryptocurrency ecosystem to foster growth and innovation. The enhanced KYC measures are expected to bolster the integrity and security of the platform, ensuring compliance and trust among users and partners alike.

Looking Ahead

As Binance continues to expand its web3 and decentralized application capabilities, the exchange is setting a new standard for integration and user experience in the cryptocurrency world. By adding 35 new dApps to its Web3 Wallet and tightening the KYC process for its Link Program, Binance is not only broadening its service offerings but also strengthening its commitment to regulatory compliance and user security.



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