FTX Estate Sells $1.9 Billion Worth of Solana at Discounted Price Amid Bankruptcy Proceedings

Piles of Solana coins with FTX logo, representing the discounted sale that raised $1.9 billion for the bankrupt crypto exchange


FTX Estate’s Strategic Solana Sale

While FTX creditors voiced their concerns over what they perceive as unfair bankruptcy proceedings, the collapsed cryptocurrency firm took significant steps to manage its financial woes. Under the leadership of bankruptcy administrators, including CEO John J. Ray III, FTX’s estate executed a substantial sale of Solana (SOL) tokens. The exchange managed to sell between 25 to 30 million SOL coins at prices significantly below the market rates. This strategic move was part of the company’s efforts to address the staggering $16 billion shortfall attributed to its founder, Sam Bankman-Fried.

Significant Buyers and Investments

Reports from Bloomberg on April 5 highlighted that the sale attracted considerable interest from several key players in the cryptocurrency space. Notably, entities such as Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Trading and Pantera Capital stepped in to purchase the discounted tokens. Galaxy Trading established a $620 million fund specifically to acquire Solana from the embattled exchange. Furthermore, Pantera Capital disclosed its intentions last month to buy $250 million worth of FTX’s SOL, and Neptune Digital Assets acquired $1.7 million worth of Solana.

Solana’s Role in FTX’s Portfolio

Before its downfall, FTX had heavily invested in Solana, making it a significant part of its cryptocurrency holdings. The exchange’s founder was a well-known supporter of Solana, channeling hundreds of millions of dollars into its native cryptocurrency and associated tokens, such as Serum (SRM). This investment strategy underscored the confidence Bankman-Fried had in Solana’s potential within the crypto ecosystem.

Creditors’ Battle Against Bankruptcy Decisions

The sale comes amid growing discontent among FTX’s creditors, who are challenging the proceedings of the bankruptcy process. A pivotal ruling in January determined that creditors would be compensated based on the value of their holdings at the time FTX declared bankruptcy. However, with SOL’s price soaring to over $175 from around $16 at the bankruptcy’s onset, creditors are pushing for a reevaluation of their claims. The FTX Customer Ad Hoc Committee, representing the largest group of creditors, has been particularly vocal, rallying support to secure more favorable outcomes in the bankruptcy court.


The discounted sale of Solana by FTX’s estate marks a critical juncture in the ongoing bankruptcy saga, highlighting the complex interplay between strategic asset liquidation and creditor rights within the cryptocurrency industry.


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