Germany Still Holds $2.2B Worth of Bitcoin, Blockchain Data Show

Germany's Bitcoin Holdings Analysis and Market Impact

All through almost all the time from the middle of June, Germany has been dumping its Bitcoin holdings, thus causing the tremors in the market. As of now, the country has 29,286 BTC worth $2.2 billion, for which the tracking company Arkham Intelligence got the information.

Significant Bitcoin Holdings

The 29,286 BTC bitcoin owned by Germany is valued at $2.2 billion, that is to say, it represents a strong potential selling pressure on the crypto market. As such, it is also the same as a fraction of Bitcoin’s 24-hour trading volume, almost 9%, depicting the effect of Germany’s actions on market dynamics.

Seizure and Liquidation

At the beginning of ordered the year, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) took control of 49,857 BTC from the illicit activity linked site that had been inactive since 2013. In this period, the government has sold off more than 10,000 BTC, which has led to the demotion of the price of the Bitcoin market.

Market Impact

The price of Bitcoin at the market places has undergone the greatest change in almost four weeks, having decreased to $55,490, the least level since the quot-product dropped their recent 20 rate last time. Even the entire CoinDesk 20 Index (CD20) faced a remarkable slump within just one week collapsing nearly 14% down to 1,870 unit value. The findings are a mirror to the cryptocurrency market’s high volatility and susceptibility to large transactions.

Justin Sun’s Offer

Learning from the past, CoinDesk 20 Index (CD20) prices have seen a nearly 20% decline over the past four weeks to $55,490, with a 13% drop in the last seven days alone. This demonstrates the high level of volatility and dependence on the crypto market on large-scale transactions.

Was It The Smartest Choice?

Although some analysts believe that Germany’s method of exchanging Bitcoin for official currency might be a geopolitical oversight. A liquidation of Bitcoin and the purchase of fiat by Germany instead of keeping the money may bring the country to an even greater disadvantage. This was stated just in the morning in the Blockware Intelligence newsletter. In the daily newsletter, the author suggested that the Bitcoin supplies are limited. Germany’s strategy of liquidating them, not storing them, could be considered an inefficient use of non-renewable energy.



The disposal of Bitcoin holdings by Germany could be instrumental in determining what the future of the whole cryptocurrency sector might be. In addition, the country has retained a considerable chunk of Bitcoin; consequently, those who acquire them subsequently have more power to control the prices and deal. Onlookers and market players are waiting to see if Germany can follow its position in the crypto sector.