Open Campus Launches $1M Hackathon to Drive Educational dApp Innovation

Open Campus announces a $1 million hackathon for educational dApp development on the EDU Chain.

Open Campus Launches $1M Hackathon to Drive Educational dApp Innovation

Open Campus- a newly built education network, has given a boost to the now organized Hackathon event worth $1 million. The goal of the blockchain-based EDU Chain is the development of developer products, which this Hackathon is targeting.

Blockchain in Education: A Growing Market

As per the report on sale- a Worldmetrics’ study showed that the global blockchain in education market in 2023 clocked $1.34 billion in sales. Additionally, the intelligent document has stated that the only 59% of high education centers have introduced or are confirming their blockchain use.

Codex Hackathon Series: Boosting dApp Development

Open Campus Codex Hackathon which is organized with EDU Chain has been launched as a catalyst for educational dApp innovation. After this, the mainnet will be announced and will be hosted later this year.

The cryptocurrencies website quotes Open Campus representative named Joe saying, “EDU Chain is the first educational blockchain distributed by Open Campus, besides being a token for democratization of education and leg up for all participants to be able to fully engage with education decentralization”.

Event Details and Key Backers

The competition will commence on the 8th of July, 2024, and players with stake like Animoca Brands, TinyTap, and ForbesWeb3 are the ones supporting it. The times of the events will be held as follows:

  • First Semester: Initial focus on the release of decentralized finance (DeFi) and apps based on infrastructure.
  • Third Semester: At the same time, we will develop dApps that can be used for the financing of education and also be a decentralized data which is used for on-chain credential applications., however, more details to follow in the coming weeks.

Prizes and Opportunities

The hackathon is going to be the main event for the first time. A sum of 1 million dollars in the form of EDU tokens will be the final winner of the jackpot game. Besides funding for specific projects, they will also receive compliance assistance, marketing, and training, and developer support.

Enhanced Reach and Impact

The hackathon to be held during the event will give an opportunity for the creation of new dApps by Open Campus; these will be used directly by the Open Campus ID member sponsoring more than 500,000 ID the schools built on BlockIsland’s Tide platform at some point in the future will provide a digital did (w3c DID)

Partly (LaRby with the remaining part of 30%) The attainment of the Open Campus accelerator and the direct communications with Open Campus ID learners to the completed dApps are ones the properes the other were those which showed potential in manners like links scientific literature and nodes regulated by them), a platform marketing and support representative have exceptionally thanked all stakeholders in the education tech community who have been supportive.

Recent Developments

Animoca Brands, the company that is referred to by the TLOS and EOS BP communities, already had similar projects in the pipeline. They issued an order for their coin EDU closing in on almost 1% in December. Also, in November, Binance’s backing of Open Campus was announced as the fund for $3.15 million was raised.