MicroStrategy to Buy More Bitcoin Using $525M from Convertible Notes Sale

MicroStrategy to Buy More Bitcoin Using $525M from Convertible Notes Sale


In a significant move reflecting its bullish stance on digital assets, MicroStrategy has announced a new offering of convertible senior notes aimed at raising $525 million. These notes, set to mature in 2031 and bearing a nominal interest rate of 0.875%, are intended primarily for qualified institutional buyers under Rule 144A of the Securities Act of 1933.

The offering marks an increase from the initial $500 million, showcasing strong market demand. The notes, which are unsecured senior obligations of the company, are slated for semi-annual interest payments starting September 2024. This strategic financial maneuver is designed to close by March 18, 2024, given all customary conditions are met.

Convertible at the holders’ discretion, these notes may be converted into cash, MicroStrategy class A common stock, or a combination thereof. The initial conversion rate has been set at 0.4297 shares per $1,000 principal amount, corresponding to an approximate initial stock price of $2,327.21, a 40% premium over the recent average stock price.

MicroStrategy has also outlined provisions for redemption and repurchase of the notes under certain conditions, ensuring flexibility in future financial planning. The net proceeds from this offering, estimated to be around $515 million—or $592.3 million if additional notes are sold—are earmarked for further Bitcoin acquisitions and general corporate purposes.


MicroStrategy to Expand Bitcoin Treasury

This strategy underscores MicroStrategy’s commitment to Bitcoin (BTC), positioning it as a primary treasury reserve asset while leveraging its software development expertise for blockchain innovations. By integrating its operational income and financing strategies, MicroStrategy aims to further cement its status as a pioneer in Bitcoin development and enterprise analytics solutions.

The move is a clear signal of MicroStrategy’s continued faith in Bitcoin’s value proposition and its strategic intent to leverage digital assets for corporate finance and treasury management. This approach not only diversifies their investment portfolio but also aligns with their vision of fostering “Intelligence Everywhere” through advanced analytics and blockchain technology.

MicroStrategy, identifying itself as a vanguard in Bitcoin advocacy, envisions this financial strategy bolstering its position in the market while driving further development and adoption of Bitcoin and related technologies. This move is not only a testament to MicroStrategy’s aggressive investment strategy but also highlights the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a legitimate asset class in institutional portfolios.


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