New Zealand Cracks Down on Crypto Investors Avoiding Tax Disclosures

New Zealand tax authority cracking down on crypto investors avoiding tax disclosures.

New Zealand Cracks Down on Crypto Investors Avoiding Tax Disclosures

New Zealand tax authority on Thursday announced that they are targeting crypto investors who are actively trading, but have not reported their income obtained through these transactions in their tax filings.

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) revealed that they have tracked down 227,000 people who used crypto in the country, involved in the exchange of more than 7 million transactions, NZ $7.8 billion (USD $4.7 billion) in total.

It has, since 2018, been decided that the department will treat cryptocurrency as it does any other form of property for tax reasons. This, therefore, means if you get any profit through buying, selling, or trading cryptocurrency, it will be taxable for sure.

Understand Your Crypto Tax Obligations, Warns NZ IRD

IRNZ spokesperson Trevor Jeffries said that after having presented a list to crypto users who might not be following the rules much by the end of 2020, Department of Internal Revenue Services had now issued warnings again.

“The information we have is what led us to identifying customers who are not paying tax”, he mentioned. “That data is also now being used to identify customers with significant cryptoassets.


“Individuals who earn money from crypto are well aware of the tax that they are required to pay and the liabilities of not reporting all the taxable activities”.

Moreover, Jeffries gave a shoutout to the increased resources support being granted by the department with the intention of aiding in getting clarity to the crypto tax obligations. Furthermore, the knowledge of many that they are anonymous in the blockchain is a false one. Hence, the tax authorities can avail of the mechanisms and tools in their possession to keep track and analyze their crypto playoff which in turn makes it hard to avade taxes.

Study Reveals Growing Appetite for Digital Assets in NZ

Cryptocurrency use in New Zealand is growing by leaps and bounds, with a significant fraction of the population now holding digital money. Almost, the investigation in the piece supports that view, saying that a segment of investors who see bureaucratic barriers as impediments to their investment objectives and, therefore, have a reluctance to keep their assets in traditional banks. The others of the investigation who emphasized the above point for the similar question were called

It was stated by 14% of the respondents that they either now own some amount of crypto or used to do so. It has reached 10% in 2022. Furthermore, a large part of those in the survey, 45% said that they were considering investing in crypto in the future.

Earlier this year, Andrew Bayly, who is the Commerce Minister of New Zealand, summoned the government to give more backing to the crypto industry. He also expressed that the slow speed of transition to cryptocurrencies had left him despondent and thus, proposed that the regulative mechanisms should be updated, making them more favourable to the rise of the crypto sector.